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Pilar Conde: “online Therapy Is Not Different From Any Therapy, What Changes Is The Access Path”

We talk about what the online psychotherapy service is like and how it works. New technologies have caused changes in multiple areas of our lives, and of course in the way we interact with others. Today, we can buy online, study an online career and even go to psychological therapy without having to attend a

How To Learn To Accept Yourself? 8 Tips

Several tips to reconcile with yourself and start taking advantage of your own potential. As you look? How do you feel about yourself? What do you think others think of you? Do you think you are capable of achieving what you set out to do? Do you think you love yourself enough? If the answers

Psychological Treatment To Enhance The 24 Personal Strengths

A step-by-step guide to develop your personal virtues. Traditionally, psychology has focused mainly on eliminating symptoms, something that the patient demands when he comes to consultation. In this way,  if you have depression, you demand to  remove sadness and hopelessness, and if for example you have  anxiety (with breathing difficulties, palpitations, etc.) you want to