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Ecofeminism: What Is It And What Positions Does This Current Of Feminism Defend?

This current of feminist thought emphasizes the relationship between women and nature. Ecofeminism is one of the theoretical and practical currents generated in the 70’s, which pays attention to how the economic development of the dominant groups has promoted an excessive exploitation of nature and how this affects women in a special way. It arises

The 12 Best Phrases Of Empedocles

A great doctor and politician who left us an exceptional philosophical legacy. Empedocles of Agrigento (495 BC – 444 BC) was a prominent Greek philosopher and politician. Ancient Greece, Empedocles played an important role in the development of rationalist philosophy. Very influenced by the ideas of Parmenides, he believed in the immutability of what exists.

What Was The Enlightenment Movement?

We explain to you what this stage of history consisted of, which prompted scientific thought. The current Western world could not be understood without the Enlightenment movement. Its existence laid the foundations for the development of science as we know it, in addition to promoting values ​​such as rationality and freedom with its optimistic philosophy

The 14 Best Phrases Of Anaximander Of Miletus

These are the most famous reflections of the Greek philosopher who proposed the “arché”. Anaximander of Miletus (610 BC – 545 BC) was a philosopher and geographer of special importance in Hellenic thought. Like his teacher Thales, Anaximander was born in the city of Miletus, and shared teachings and reflections with Anaximenes, who was his