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Christian Wolff: Biography Of This German Philosopher

Wolff is one of the most important German philosophers in history. Let’s see why. Christian Wolff (1679-1754) was a rationalist German philosopher and mathematician, who stood out in the historical context of the Enlightenment, a movement both cultural and intellectual, especially active in Germany, France and England. This movement was committed to knowledge and its

Foucault And The Tragedy Of The Commons

Michel Foucault, the Tragedy of the Commons and Crossfit. What do they have in common? In political science, and more specifically in the field of collective action, there is a key concept: the Tragedy of the Commons. It is an idea that focuses the study on the existence of situations in which an agent, in

The 54 Best Famous Phrases Of Montesquieu

An especially relevant thinker in the study of civil and political rights. The Baron de Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat (1689 – 1755), is surely one of the most important thinkers of the 18th century in Western Europe. Following the family tradition, he graduated in law to later hold the position of counselor in the Bordeaux

What Is Laplace’s Demon?

We explain this philosophical concept that tries to determine reality based on predictions. The search for certainty and the illusion of knowing what will happen tomorrow is something that has accompanied philosophical reflections and scientific practices over time. If we could be certain that tomorrow it will rain, or war will break out, the decisions