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Fear Of Colors (chromophobia): Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

We explain the characteristics, symptoms and causes of this rare phobia. The world of psychopathology is a complex world, and there are many disorders that human beings can experience. Personality, mood, anxiety disorders … the latter are one of the most frequent reasons for psychological consultation. Among the different types of anxiety disorders, phobias stand

Eysenck’s Incubation Theory: How Do You Get Phobias?

This theory proposed by Hans Eysenck provides an explanation about the causes of phobias. We have all experienced that feeling of anguish at times, caused by the presence of a real or imaginary danger. It’s about fear. But … what happens when this fear becomes pathological? So we are talking about a phobia. Eysenck’s incubation

Systematic Desensitization, A Valuable Resource Against Phobias

This type of psychological intervention is widely used to help people who suffer from phobias. Phobias are part of the most frequent and widespread psychological disorders among the western population, and it is estimated that they affect approximately between 10% and 15% of it. Fortunately, psychology has developed methods and techniques that allow us to

Tomophobia (phobia Of Surgical Operations): Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

The phobia of surgical operations is an anxiety disorder that can cause many problems. Have you ever heard of tomophobia? It is a phobia considered “rare”, although, in reality, more common than we really think. It is the phobia of surgical operations. Why is it produced? What are your typical symptoms? And finally, what treatments