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70 Chinese Proverbs About Wisdom, Love, Life And Work

Popular sayings full of meaning of life that come to us from the Chinese nation. Today we bring you a compilation of Chinese Proverbs that have to do with different aspects of life, especially wisdom and love. Chinese civilization has always been oppressed for different reasons. Because of their class culture, because of political dictators

51 Sentences About Distance In Relationships

Several reflections on the way in which we face distance from those we love. Phrases about distance in personal relationships fill the literature focused on human emotions. Although sometimes we take for granted that the important thing in affection and love is the person herself, the truth is that something as simple as distance can

The 15 Best Phrases Of Mark Zuckerberg

We review the most brilliant reflections of the creator of Facebook. Essential for entrepreneurs. Mark Zuckerberg, the founding genius of Facebook, is a must-have for anyone looking to start a business. Born in 1984 in the city of White Plains, near New York, he studied computer science at Harvard, although he would not officially finish

The 18 Best Phrases Of Risto Mejide

The Catalan publicist is famous for his vicious tongue and his television appearances. Today we have a compilation of phrases by Risto Mejide, a famous character who has been filming for years on television, a medium in which he has even directed his own programs. Risto Mejide (Barcelona, ​​1974) started in the world of music

The 12 Best Phrases Of Empedocles

A great doctor and politician who left us an exceptional philosophical legacy. Empedocles of Agrigento (495 BC – 444 BC) was a prominent Greek philosopher and politician. Ancient Greece, Empedocles played an important role in the development of rationalist philosophy. Very influenced by the ideas of Parmenides, he believed in the immutability of what exists.

40 Great Phrases From Famous Songs In History

Popular music leaves us great reflections in its lyrics. Throughout history, music has accompanied us in all kinds of moments. Both in joys and sorrows, in situations of dejection or close emotional connection with another person (it is not uncommon to hear a couple talk about “our song”), there are many songs that have been