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The 10 Causes And Consequences Of Migration

People displaced to other countries pose a challenge to host countries. Throughout history there have been many occasions when large migratory movements have occurred. Migrants can leave their homes for multiple reasons, with the intention of finding a better place where they can survive and ensure a good future. Causes of migration Whoever leaves their

What Is Popular Education? Concept And Practical Applications

We analyze a theoretical-practical proposal devised by the Brazilian pedagogue Paulo Freire. The philosophy and work of the Brazilian Paulo Freire have left a very extensive mark both in pedagogy and in the social sciences because they have allowed establishing dialogues and reflections on the development of educational practice in different contexts, especially in Latin

Us Psychologists Participated In Torture Of Al Qaeda Prisoners

The APA legitimized torture programs of the United States government, according to a report. Recently, information has come to light that some members of the American Psychological Association (APA for its acronym in English) endorsed and legitimized torture programs to extract information from some detainees after 9/11. Specifically, the APA members involved legitimized certain torture

Autogynephilia: What It Is And Why It Is Not Considered A Paraphilia

Autogynephilia is a proposal for paraphilia that is not considered a valid psychological construct. Autogynephilia is a controversial concept that for years has been appearing in the debate about the relationship between sex and gender, and that is often used for political purposes. In this article we will see what it consists of and how