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Psychologists For Deaf People And The Importance Of Inclusion

Like everyone else, hearing-impaired people also deserve to go to a psychologist. Sometimes it is often taken for granted that the integration of people with hearing impairments in Spain with society is now greater than ever. But this is only partly true. Towards more inclusive societies The arrival of smartphones, tablets, accompanied in turn by

“i Want To Be A Psychologist”: 10 Keys To Successfully Complete A Degree In Psychology

A mini-guide to surviving the College of Psychology. A few weeks ago we wrote a text to help future students of Psychology to reflect on 10 elementary points about their vocation, some specific doubts about the career, etcetera: ” Why study Psychology? 10 points that you should value “ However, having enrolled in the degree

The Usefulness Of Online Therapy For Coronavirus Anxiety

Aspects in which online psychotherapy helps with anxiety caused by the pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has led to two situations for which there are no precedents in recent decades: psychological problems are affecting more people than normal, on the one hand, and many of these people cannot travel to the consultation of the psychologist, on

Child Occupational Therapy: What Is It And What Are Its Goals

A summary of how child occupational therapy works and how it works. Some children may have some difficulties in their daily life. These limitations may be due to simple individual differences, since there are children who are better at some aspects while others are more difficult. But sometimes problems can be really worrisome, especially if