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Electroconvulsive Therapy (ect): Characteristics And Uses In Psychiatry

This type of psychiatric intervention has evolved a lot over time, and it no longer causes pain. Throughout history, the treatment offered by psychiatry for some types of mental disorders and disorders has been strongly criticized. Specifically, electroconvulsive or “electroshock” therapy is one of those that enjoys the worst reputation among society. However, with the

Work Addiction, Related To Psychiatric Disorders

Some psychopathologies could go hand in hand with addiction to work. Which? Addictions are usually culturally associated with the small pleasures in life that most of the population recognizes as such: sweet or carbohydrate food, Internet use, tobacco (for smokers), etc.  However, addictive behaviors related to tasks can also occur that not everyone appreciates. Work

Does Using Psychiatric Labels Stigmatize The Patient?

Psychiatry has been criticized for using diagnostic categories that harm. Does this really happen? Over the last decades, many criticisms have appeared against the practices that psychiatry was used to carrying out at certain moments in its history. For example, the antipsychiatry movement, promoted by referents like  RD Laing, denounced an over-medication and humiliating treatment

Kurt Schneider: Biography And Main Contributions Of This Psychiatrist

One of the psychiatrists who most influenced the investigation of mental disorders. Kurt Schneider is, together with Karl Jaspers, the main representative of the Heidelberg School, an important antecedent of phenomenology and psychopathology of a biological nature.  In this article we will analyze the biography and theoretical contributions of Kurt Schneider, in particular those related

Antipsychiatry: History And Concepts Of This Movement

This philosophical current criticizes the use of psychotropic drugs and the stigmatization of patients. During the 20th century, many psychiatric treatments for mental disorders became popular, including some highly questionable in an ethical and practical sense. The extreme medicalization of problems such as schizophrenia have had and continue to have, in a large number of