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8 Great Myths About Modern Psychology

What misconceptions do many people have about the science of behavior? Psychology is one of the disciplines about which more myths circulate, partly because its subject of study is interesting for the general public and partly because, given the versatility of mental processes, all kinds of bizarre theories can be “invented” about how our brain

The Happiness Industry And Positive Psychology

Many of the criticisms of Positive Psychology could be based on a false dichotomy. To my surprise, in recent times I have been finding many allusions to a supposed “industry” based on the irrational and unconditional search for happiness on numerous media, television, radio and print channels . Like any argument or current that is

Kuder’s Vocational Preferences Test

Also known as the Kuder Vocational Preferences Scale, it is used to choose a profession. There is a moment in everyone’s life when they have to decide what they want to do professionally; To do this you must first find out what he likes. The Kuder vocational preferences test is a test that evaluates these

Psychologists Don’t Sell Their Empathy

Psychologists are often criticized for having well-formed opinions and not giving them up. Perhaps due to the influence of counseling , perhaps due to the influence of  humanistic psychology, there are many people who believe that psychologists are characterized, basically, by being a kind of mystics.  Not the kind of mystics so alienated that it

How To Create A Habit: 5 Steps To Achieve It

Behind any motivation there must be a method. We explain it here. Everyone has dreams that they wish would one day come true. Learning a new language, staying in shape, finishing a career and more can be goals we want to achieve, but these will never materialize without good habits. Habits are behaviors that are