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What Is Hibris According To Greek Philosophy?

This concept associated with Ancient Greece marked the way of reasoning of the first thinkers. Greek philosophy is traversed by tensions and distensions between humans and the gods. The reflections and narrations that concern themselves with the relationship between the mortal and the divine, the wrong and the perfect, the order and the excess are

The 10 Main Hindu Gods, And Their Symbolism

A review of the mythology of this original religion of the Indian subcontinent. Unlike other religions that have followers in a large number of countries, the Hindu gods are mostly venerated in India, where their legends originated 4000 years ago, in the Indus Valley. One of the most interesting differences from other cultures is that

The Smarter, The Less Religious?

Several statistical studies shed light on this controversial question. The intelligence construct  is one of the great triumphs of scientific psychology and, at the same time, a subject that generates great debate and controversy.  When religion is included in these types of discussions , the mix is ‚Äč‚Äčexplosive. Especially if you start from a meta-analysis

The Origins Of Religion: How Did It Appear And Why?

A practically universal phenomenon with an ancient beginning. How did religions appear? Throughout history, faith and religion have been an important part of society, worrying about offering an explanation to the unknown. Today Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are the five major religions, although there are many other religious professions. And many more have

Religious Norms: Their 8 Types, And Examples

A summary of the types of religious norms, with examples of how they apply to society. All religions have rules that define how their believers should behave appropriately. It is about religious norms, which are very varied depending on the creed and can involve various consequences at the social level. Although there are many religions,

The 10 Most Important Mayan Gods In History

A summary of the most prominent deities of this important Mesoamerican civilization. Mayan mythology is one of the most mysterious in terms of the origin and meaning of their rituals, which are based on offering sacrifices to the Mayan gods. Despite the fact that the people of the Maya were given the task of stamping