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Suicidology: What It Is, Characteristics And Objectives Of This Science

A summary of the characteristics of suicidology as a scientific field. Although the problem of suicide in our society has always been considered a taboo subject, it is increasingly being treated with greater transparency. In fact, today all the factors that influence this behavior are studied in depth, and it is done through suicide. Next

Puerperal Or Postpartum Psychosis: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

One in 1000 women who have a baby suffers a psychotic break shortly after delivery. Symptoms of psychosis rarely appear in women in the immediate aftermath of childbirth. Although psychiatric manuals do not list puerperal psychosis as a specific disorder, many professionals use this concept to refer to such situations. In this article we will

Is There Suicide In Animals?

Dogs that stop eating, whales that come out of the sea … Is suicide in animals a reality? Suicide is one of the most common and traumatic causes of unnatural death, claiming a large number of victims each year. It is a type of self-destructive behavior that has preoccupied human beings since ancient times, generating

The Parasite That Causes Toxoplasmosis Controls The Mind And Causes Psychological Disorders And Suicides

An intelligent parasite that has aroused the disbelief of scientists themselves. I have read a lot of shocking news throughout my life, but little like the one I read the other day in National Geographic magazine. The article made reference to a parasite called “Toxoplasma Gondii”, which causes  Toxoplasmosis.  An evolutionary biologist of Czech origin,

Samantha Kuberski, Only 6 Years Old, The Youngest Girl Who Commits Suicide

A tragic event that opens many questions about suicide in childhood. Samantha Kuberski, a 6-year-old girl, was a cheerful person who went to school. In December 2009, she took her own life. Apparently he had no problems, so his  suicide surprised health professionals.  When medical examiners examined her body in Yamhill County, south Portland, they