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Interview With Catalina Briñez: This Is Psychological Therapy In Cases Of Gad

The psychologist Catalina Briñez tells us about the keys to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a psychological disorder that affects many people with very different lifestyles; It is an anxiety disorder that is difficult for the sufferer to understand, as it is not linked to a specific source of fear or fear,

Cande Díaz: “many Patients Find It Easier To Express Themselves Through Online Therapy”

Psychologist Cande Díaz explains why online therapy has a lot of potential. In a short time, online psychotherapy has become popular at a massive level due to the advantages it poses in terms of psychological assistance services. People with little experience using computers have started to take advantage of this format of psychological therapy as

How Does Social Media Affect Our Mental Health? The Mariva Clinic Gives Us The Answer

The misuse of these new tools gives rise to different psychological effects. The great change of our time comes from the hand of the internet. New technologies have enabled us all to be connected and informed through smartphones and computers. Although at first glance this greater access to information and communications only represents a clear

Luis Carchak: The 3 Ways To Do Coaching

Luis Carchak explains the three fundamental ways of coaching people and teams. Luis Carchak, an expert in coaching, details three ways of coaching and what results can be expected from each of these interventions. “Three possibilities of action that generate very different changes and results and that, in all cases, are also transformative for me.”

Karemi Rodríguez Batista: “in Cases Of Low Self-esteem, The Objective Is Not To ‘raise It’, But To Improve Self-acceptance”

The founder of Psico-K explains to us what the therapeutic process is like in cases of low self-esteem. There are few mental health professionals who are capable of treating thousands of cases in their private practice and who at the same time take the time to dedicate to a noble educational vocation. Among this small