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Transference And Countertransference In Psychoanalysis

What do these concepts that Sigmund Freud developed consist of? If there is something that characterizes the psychoanalysis developed by Sigmund Freud, it is the emphasis that it places on the psychological processes that theoretically occur unconsciously and direct our way of acting, thinking and feeling.  Psychoanalysis was born as an attempt to understand human

The Lüscher Test: What It Is And How It Uses Colors

The Lüscher Color Test is a projective test. Let’s see what it is and why it is criticized. The Lüscher Test is a projective evaluation technique that starts from relating the preference or rejection of different colors with the expression of specific psychological states. It is a widely used test in different areas and has

The 12 Best Books By Erich Fromm

A literary selection of interesting essays written by the father of humanistic psychoanalysis. There is a wide variety of psychoanalytic theories. From Freudian psychoanalysis to divergent currents such as Adler’s individual psychology or Carl Jung’s deep, numerous authors have studied the human psyche from the postulates that originate the psychodynamic approach. One of the thinkers