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The Fear Of Saying ‘no’ At Work

Progressing at work is not always saying ‘yes’; limits must be set. The fear of saying “no” and setting limits is one of the great difficulties and learning that we encounter in relation to our personal development, whether in the personal, sentimental or work area. What does it take you not to say “no” or

Now What? Adapting To A New Work Reality

After the first wave of infections, we faced the challenge of adapting to the new work reality. “Normal” life begins to resume for a large part of the population after confinement by COVID-19, we begin to have more freedom of movement, we can see family and friends, we can make “non-essential” purchases, we can go

10 Ideas To Regain Motivation At Work

If you feel a little frustrated with the work routine … read these tips. We are human, different from robots and machines, and as such not every day our mood is the same. There are many people who, although they dedicate their time and effort to an area of ​​their liking, do not always get

The 13 Steps To Start A Business

We offer you a practical guide to starting a business that works. Starting a company is exciting, because starting a business idea and leading it to success is rewarding and self-fulfilling. However, it is not always easy to do so, especially when you do not have specific training in this area. A good idea does

Work Addiction, Related To Psychiatric Disorders

Some psychopathologies could go hand in hand with addiction to work. Which? Addictions are usually culturally associated with the small pleasures in life that most of the population recognizes as such: sweet or carbohydrate food, Internet use, tobacco (for smokers), etc.  However, addictive behaviors related to tasks can also occur that not everyone appreciates. Work