How Are People That Attract And Captivate Us?

Charismatic, smiling, empathetic … what qualities do highly attractive people have?

When you meet one of those highly attractive people the energy they give off just makes you want to spend more and more time with them. Attraction provokes desire, intrigue, and facilitates emotional connection. But attractiveness is more than just physical, it is something deeper, because it has to do with charisma, with attitude, with the way of doing things.

But can anyone be attractive? That is a difficult answer to answer, but what is possible is to maximize your attractiveness and increase your chances of giving off a magical connection. When you choose to be the most attractive version of yourself, you actually choose to be the person you want to be, without fear. In other words, you choose to maximize your  personal development and others notice.

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How important is physical when flirting

A very common question is whether or not physique matters when it comes to flirting. The truth is that ugliness and beauty are very subjective concepts. How important is a movie physicist? If we go out into the street and look around us, we will realize that many times the physical is not the most important thing, because we will be able to realize that many beautiful women are with boys who are not. 

So what is it that gets them hooked? Well, it depends a lot on the needs of the person, of course. Now, it is possible that what most hooks is a special personality. There are people who are a real earthquake that devastates everything, and, in addition, they have great confidence in themselves.

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Self-confidence, the key to being attractive

Possibly the most important law of attraction is self-confidence. Obviously that does not mean that you will be successful with everyone, but self-confidence is perceived by others in a positive way, and it is one of the most attractive traits.

The person with high confidence is radiant in front of others and their verbal language and  non-verbal communication will always be better than that of the person who does not trust themselves. The tone of voice, a big smile, and a laid-back attitude will work in your favor, and they are possible if you trust yourself.

Do opposites really attract each other?

The classic question is whether opposites attract or not. But is it really so? According to several studies carried out, this hypothesis is not confirmed. One of these investigations was carried out by Tognetti, Berticat, Raymond and Faurie in 2014. The results of their study confirmed that the inhabitants of a rural region of Senegal, who had been the subjects of their study, were marrying people who be as cooperative and friendly with others as themselves. So no similarities seem to be the key for these people to get married.

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Another investigation that addressed this topic, and in which 174 couples participated, was carried out by the University of Kent and was directed by Nathan Hudson. The most significant conclusions were that the couples who reported more similarity to each other in the traits of kindness and emotional stability were more satisfied with their relationship.

Bad boys attract

And what does science say to the assumption that bad guys are more attractive? Well, there seems to be something about bad guys that is really tempting to women. This is confirmed by research carried out by G. Carter, A. Campbell and S. Muncer (2013). 

For this study, they had a group of 128 women between the ages of 18 and 36, who were presented with a series of men, some with narcissistic, Machiavellian and  psychopathic personality traits  and others not. Then they were asked which one they found the most attractive. For them, men with Machiavellian and psychopathic features were considered more attractive.

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Attractiveness is expressed from the inside out

If you are not a bad boy, you will like to know that attractiveness goes from the inside out, because really physical attractiveness has to do with how you feel about yourself. 

People who spend less time trying to show a fictitious appearance of themselves in order to please others, waste valuable time finding and developing in different areas of their lives. When you connect with yourself, it is also easier for you to connect with others.

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Attractive people have an active social life

Attractive people are usually popular people, who tend to surround themselves with others. They are people who connect easily with other individuals and not only in terms of love, but they like both sexes. 

Attractive individuals tend to have interests and hobbies that allow them to surround themselves with other people so they tend to have an active social life. In addition, they are usually good interlocutors, so they easily captivate others.  

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