How Do You Know When To Go To Online Therapy?

The benefits of online therapy that you should take into account if you consider choosing this modality.

How to know when it is convenient for you to go to online therapy

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for many people to start a psychological therapy telematically using an electronic device connected to the Internet.

The level of sophistication that technology has reached is increasingly normalizing this form of distance psychological therapy; Faced with this, many people wonder if this may be the type of psychological support that best fits what they need, or if it is preferable to go to face-to-face sessions with the psychologist.

For all those people who are thinking of starting a process of psychological therapy online and are doubting whether it fits with what they are looking for, in this article we will see the main characteristics of each of the two modalities (distance and face-to-face) and the main reasons why it may be worth opting for the option less known by most people today, that of online therapy.

How to know when to go to online therapy is the best option?

Before I have commented that online therapy is, compared to face-to-face, the least known form of psychological intervention. However, this is only true at the popular level; Among psychologists, this modality has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason, as we shall see.

Online therapy, as its name indicates, is one in which the applicant and the therapist contact each other through a telematic means of communication, normally through a video call.

On the contrary, face-to-face therapy is the classic modality consisting of a session in which the applicant and the therapist meet face to face in the same physical space, and in which the therapist can control the physical characteristics of the environment at will. at all times (temperature, lighting, sound, decoration, etc.).

Why choose online therapy?

There are many reasons for choosing online therapy over the face-to-face modality. Below you will find a summary of the main advantages that lead many options to opt for this modality.

1. Comfort

It is evident that the therapy that is carried out at a distance and without leaving the home, will almost always be more comfortable than the therapy in which we move towards the physical consultation of the therapist.

Thus, one of the strengths to choose online therapy is the fact that by resorting to it we will not waste time traveling to the professional’s therapy center, nor will we run as much risk of being late, which is why both demanding and psychotherapist will save their time without wasting it for any setback that may arise.

2. Cost reduction

Another advantage that emerges from the first one is that the fact of not having to travel also supposes considerable economic savings for the person requesting the therapy service, mainly in transportation costs.

3. Goodbye to geographic limitations

Telematic therapy will allow the person interested in being treated to choose any professional they decide regardless of their physical location, and even carry out the therapy if either of them is in another city or even in another country.

In the same way, any therapist will be able to offer his professional services online to a much larger portfolio of clients than if he did it in a classical way in private practice.

4. Anonymity

For many people, the fact that online therapy offers a greater degree of anonymity or discretion for the client is important. Some people are reluctant to enter psychotherapy facilities, although there are fewer and fewer, due to the fact that psychological assistance services have become much normalized in recent decades.

The fact of not having to be in any waiting room, and that only the therapist knows who we are and what our problem is, can also be an advantage to take into account for many people compared to traditional therapy.

5. Choice of environment

The fact that the person can choose the space in which he or she will be located to start the consultation will also have a positive impact on the therapeutic process of the same, since being in their own and family space is likely to reassure them.

The control that the plaintiff may have of the physical environment in which he decides to start therapy, may be another advantage that should be taken into account for anyone who is interested in this modality.

Thus, initiating therapy by video call may be the best way for a patient with such problems to gradually learn to communicate with another person through the screen while remaining in a place where they feel safe and that transmits familiarity.

Are you looking for psychological assistance online?

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