How Does Chat Therapy Work?

We talk about this type of distance therapy that is gaining more and more followers.

Chat therapy

In recent decades, online therapy has been gaining ground as a therapeutic option due to its multiple benefits for mental health, it is very comfortable, does not require travel, and adapts better to the schedule of many people, among many other benefits.

Some online therapy clinics offer the option of contacting a psychologist via video call, which enables many patients to adapt therapy to their lifestyle and thus access therapy that they would not otherwise be able to.

Interview with Aída Rubio: text message therapy

Today we speak with Aída Rubio, Head of the Online Psychological Service and health psychologist, to tell us how online psychotherapy works.

How did the idea come about? Why video call therapy?

This initiative exists thanks to the testimony and demand of a multitude of people who request a service of the highest quality at an affordable price. A service that is also comfortable and flexible. We offer a protected space where at all times our patients are accompanied by an expert who provides guidelines to help them handle those situations that cause them discomfort and thus achieve a higher level of satisfaction with life.

Online therapy allows connection from anywhere that respects the privacy of the therapy and at any time. The psychotherapy sessions are absolutely confidential so patients can express their feelings and emotions, as well as the experiences or thoughts that concern them in a safe and accessible way.

What services does it offer and to whom is it directed?

We offer high quality counseling to people who for whatever reason want to improve their well-being. All psychologists are licensed and collegiate, and have extensive experience in handling the following areas:

  • Couple, Infidelities, Breakup, Toxic Relationships, Emotional Dependence, Sexuality where the help of a Psychologist can be essential, to understand and address these situations.
  • Anxiety, Self-esteem, Depression, Agoraphobia, Grief, Work Stress, Panic Attacks in which a professional becomes a fundamental key to improvement.
  • Mindfulness, Social Skills, Communication and Assertiveness, Lifestyle, Acceptance, which help to overcome and achieve greater personal or professional success.

The cost is € 96 per month and includes 4 Sessions / month of 60 min per video call, and an asynchronous chat channel open with the therapist. In addition, it has a Money Back Guarantee during the 1st Week.

Psychological therapy 3.0

What makes you different from other online therapy centers?

Our priority is to provide a service of the highest quality, for this reason we have a very large team of psychologists and we assign the patient the psychologist that best suits their needs. If they are not comfortable with the professional, they can request a change. We always closely monitor patient satisfaction with our services.

The therapist will analyze the situation with the patient (through conversations and psychological tests), will set the objectives that the patient wishes to achieve and the improvement process will begin. Thanks to our advanced technology, it is possible to speak via text, images, audio notes and video calls. And all from security, confidentiality and accessibility.

How does online therapy work?

The therapy takes place in a weekly session by video call lasting one hour, in which the patient talks with his psychologist and works on the set goals. Likewise, the chat channel is open, with a similar operation to WhatsApp. In this channel, the patient can write messages to his therapist at any time, and he will answer asynchronously, that is, not the same moment if not later, as soon as he can, from 09:00 to 21:30

Regarding the relationship of trust with the therapist and adherence to treatment, how is it different from face-to-face therapy?

Here, a lot of trust is also generated since patients can write us all their thoughts and describe their emotions when they have them, in such a way that a very strong therapeutic bond is generated, and a deep knowledge of the person and their situation. This allows us to guide and help them in their evolution and improvement.

With the first introductory video call, we put on our face and voice, generating a good therapeutic alliance that is the basis for a successful therapy. We have had a very good reception and we continue to improve to provide a committed and effective psychological service.

New technologies have brought new forms of communication with patients, but what exactly are the benefits of online therapy?

  • The comfort. It allows you to be anywhere and at any time and have the confidence that you can write to your psychologist what is happening to you.
  • It is totally anonymous and confidential: If the patient wants total privacy, he can access his psychologist from his mobile or his computer without anyone else knowing that he is using the service.
  • The price, since our goal is to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

What are the most frequent problems that you come across in consultation?

We find the same as in face-to-face therapy, everything related to the world of the couple, as well as issues of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, etc. Lately, the demand for mindfulness training has also been growing and, quite simply, from people who want to achieve higher levels of success and well-being on a personal and professional level.

Is online therapy useful for all kinds of problems?

It is useful for many, many areas, let’s say most, but there are still some that we do not cover. We have developed a classification of the problems that we do not treat and when someone wants to hire the service and tells us about their case, if they fall into one of those areas we recommend that they go to another type of service.

From your point of view, what is the message for those people who feel the need to go to therapy but have difficulty taking the step? Do you think it is a good option for them?

I would tell them to be encouraged and trust to talk to us. We will listen to them and we will focus on understanding their situation without judging them and regardless of who they are. We have a lot of experience helping people who choose us as their first option, because it is a more accessible, safe and private option than others.

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