How To Be More Charismatic, In 12 Fundamental Keys

They are people who know how to attract looks and attention. What makes them so special?

Charismatic people are those who captivate the people around them, who with their mere presence become the center of attention, for example, in a social gathering.

These people have extraordinary qualities and some may end up in movies, television, or politics. However, in our daily lives we all come across these characters, whether with a commercial that uses their charms to sell us something, a love that marked us forever or a boss who has made us feel really useful, has taken into account our feelings and has motivated us to perform more and feel part of the company.

Now, not all bosses or leaders are charismatic, since the charismatic leader is the one who is called transformational. 

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Differences between being charismatic and being attractive

When we talk about charismatic people, they are often confused with attractive individuals. However, are they really the same? How can we differentiate an attractive person from a charismatic one?

Well, a person can be attractive and even charming, but not necessarily charismatic. And it is that charismatic people not only fall nice, but also have a natural magnetism that attracts people, as they inspire or influence others almost without thinking. They are people who motivate, persuade and seduce, but not on the physical plane (although in some cases also), but in terms of their personality and character.

Characteristics of charismatic people

Some qualities are key to being more charismatic. But … what are they? 

You can also learn to be a charismatic person, but you need to have a number of characteristics. They are as follows.

1. Mental flexibility and open mind

Charismatic people are not people with a closed mind, who are full of prejudices, quite the opposite. That is, they do not reject the ideas of others and are not afraid that they will question their own beliefs. They are people who try to be objective and tolerant. They attract because the people around them feel comfortable with their presence, and they perceive that they take into account their needs,  their emotions and their opinions.

At the business level, charismatic leaders are individuals who not only think about the organization, but are aware of the importance of human capital and that people have feelings and need to feel comfortable with what they do. If the workers are doing well, the organization will notice it positively.

2. Good communication and emotional expression

If this type of person stands out for something, it is because they are good at communicating. It’s okay to be open-minded and understand others, but knowing how to communicate with them is also important. In reality, the true charisma lies in being more of a sender of emotions than a receiver. Charismatic people express their emotions, feelings, and opinions openly.

3. Credibility

An extremely important characteristic of charismatic leaders is that they communicate credibly. These individuals not only transmit and express emotions clearly, but also do so in a convincing and sincere way through facial expression, voice, gestures and, in short, the entire body. Charismatic leaders inspire, convince, and motivate others in this way because they trust them.

4. Social skills

Charismatic people like and inspire because they  have good social skills. They are friendly, sociable, expressive, democratic, and honest. As mentioned above, they are open-minded and, in addition, they are close, not very irritable and cooperative. They are individuals who care about others, and this helps them to connect with other individuals with ease.

5. Persuasion

Persuasion is something these individuals excel at. Especially in charismatic leadership, persuasive skills become apparent. The charismatic person knows how to use messages with arguments that support them, and in this way they influence the attitude of other people. The charismatic individual does not force change, he uses the art of persuasion to do so.

6. Empathy

Another social skill that should be highlighted because it is key to understanding charismatic people is empathy. These individuals know how to put themselves in the shoes of others and, therefore, they are good communicators and others feel comfortable around them and it is easy to connect with them.

7. Emotional and relational intelligence

In addition, these people master a series of skills related to emotional and relational intelligence, because they know themselves perfectly, they are able to regulate their emotions and connect with the emotions of others. 

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8. High self-confidence

It is impossible to hook others if you do not believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a quality that allows people to overcome obstacles that arise on a day-to-day basis. People with high self-confidence are empowered in life and are capable of influencing others because they show a strong personality. They are not afraid to show themselves as they are.

9. Posture

Charismatic people are spontaneous and genuine, thus influencing the feelings and emotions of others. According to Ronald E. Riggio, a psychologist at Claremont McKenna College, “this occurs because of what he calls emotional contagion.” In emotional contagion, posture, expressions, vocalizations come into play. The head high and straight, with the shoulders relaxed, parallel and at the same height is one of the characteristic postures of these individuals. When talking to others, they lift their chin slightly without being over the top.

10. Respect

Respect for others is one of the best qualities that human beings can have. Charismatic people are respectful of others and are diplomatic when they disagree with another person’s idea. They understand that in the world we live people with different ways of thinking and acting. All rights to be respected.

11. Assertiveness

And because they accept the opinions of others and are respectful, they are also assertive. That is why they express their opinion correctly and defend their point of view, while also respecting the rights of others. Even in difficult moments they show off this characteristic, so you can converse with them calmly, without getting into conflict.

12. They are humble

If you ever come across, for example, a charismatic leader, you will realize that he is not the typical superior who thinks he is the king of the world and who treats others as if they were inferior. On the contrary, they are humble and modest people, and that is why they earn people’s trust quickly.

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