Kilian Jornet Motivating Quotes About Life

One of the Spanish athletes with the most milestones behind him.

Today we have a collection of Quotes by Kilian Jornet, a famous and motivating mountaineer who lived in the mountains as a child, and who now dedicates himself to incredible races through mountains and peaks of all kinds.

Kilian Jornet Burgada was born in the town of Sabadell, Spain, in 1987. Skiing and mountain races have been his great passions since he was very young. His track record in both disciplines is absolutely incredible. In 2017 he achieved the incredible feat of crowning Everest twice in less than ten days and without any external help (oxygen, Sherpas).

Kilian Jornet motivational quotes

To get to know the Catalan athlete a little better and find out how he manages to face his challenges, we have compiled different famous quotes that summarize his way of seeing life. We hope they inspire you!

1. “Sometimes I have taken the wrong path, but I have learned that there is no use complaining: I will have to accept the mistake and make up for that time lost in the race.”

In sport, the ability to overcome a mistake is crucial to moving forward.

2. “On the Diagonal de los Locos, crossing the island of Reunion, a 24-hour race, I started crying 20 kilometers from the finish line: I was so tired that to distract myself I imagined what I would feel when crossing the line. Winning was less exciting. “

In his extreme challenges, Kilian Jornet has come to cry, as he explains in this anecdote.

3. “In the mountains you learn that you are very small, a falling pebble or a storm can eliminate you from the map, and that makes me relativize things a lot and understand what is important.”

A phrase to ponder.

4. “We know our body perfectly, but we don’t know anything about our brain, and it can play tricks on you.”

The human brain guides us to success or failure.

5. “I am a competitor, I like competition, to go further, to seek my limits.”

Jornet’s competitive spirit is absolutely commendable.

6. “To be free is not to follow anyone.”

Go your own way, and so you will find yourself.

7. “Let instinct guide your steps … it will take you where you want the most.”

When we do what our hearts dictate, we are rarely wrong.

8. “In 40 years I will not remember if I arrived first or second, I will remember the emotions I felt …”

The result is almost the least … the important thing is to feel alive and useful.

9. “Upstairs everything is idyllic, it is on the descent where problems return.”

A reflection referring to his alpine races, but which can be interpreted as a metaphor about life.

10. “In Central Europe it is very difficult to find places where the passage of man is not noticed. But in Scandinavia, Asia, or the Himalayas I do find that peace. “

The virgin peaks are like temples in the eyes of Kilian Jornet.

11. “Sport is overrated.”

In an interview with Andreu Buenafuente, Jornet explained that society attaches too high an importance to sports feats, but that he simply feels that he runs a little faster than others, and that truly interesting people are in science and science. education.

So far the phrases of this great athlete. This is all for today, I hope today’s post motivated you. We hope that you have liked the phrases of Kilian Jornet and that you can apply some of his principles to your lives.

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