Mentavio: The Online Platform That Connects Psychologists And Patients

We interviewed Carlota Esteve, from Mentavio Spain, to tell us about this platform.

Mentavio Spain

The irruption of the Internet into our lives has brought about features and services that we would not have been able to imagine years ago. And the psychotherapeutic care sector is no exception to this rule.

Mentavio is an example of this : a service that connects patients and psychologists and psychiatrists so that the limitations of the physical world are not a problem when seeking mental health help.

Mentavio: an online platform for psychologists, psychiatrists and patients

On this occasion we interviewed Carlota Esteve, Marketing Director for Spain and Latin America, to explain what this tool used by both psychologists and patients consists of.

What exactly is Mentavio and what are the main needs it covers?

Mentavio is an online psychological counseling platform.

On the one hand, it offers patients an immediate, private, and easy access system to medical professionals through various tools such as videoconferencing, audio calls or chat.

On the other hand, it offers psychologists a new way of contacting their current patients, the ability to reach new users without geographical limitation and compliance with legislation in the field of online therapy.

In terms of technical requirements, what do you need to use Mentavio?

To use Mentavio, all you need is a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet with a microphone, a speaker and a webcam if you want to do a video conference session, as well as a good Internet connection.

How do you adapt differently to what psychologists are looking for on the one hand and patients on the other?

On the one hand, it provides patients who require psychotherapy sessions with an optimization of time (avoid travel), discretion and the comfort of having an appointment with their psychologist from the comfort of their home chair.

And on the other hand, psychologists are provided with a secure communication tool to be able to carry out their work online, since mentavio has its own technology to allow the secure transmission of data through SSL encryption, that is, it guarantees security and privacy therapy sessions, during which confidential and especially sensitive information is exchanged.

This fact is relevant, since professional associations of psychologists tend to reject the use of video calling platforms for personal use for professional purposes.

In addition, the portal also ensures psychologists the collection of services through secure payment systems.

Will anyone seeking anonymity see their expectations satisfied with this kind of service?

Patients have the option, as long as the treating psychologist agrees, to remain completely anonymous.

Is there a way to know the degree to which other clients are satisfied with a specific psychologist available at Mentavio?

At the end of each session, patients have the option of assessing the degree of satisfaction of that session and writing a personal review. All users have access to the psychologists’ ratings in their respective profiles.

What are the customization options that Mentavio offers?

Psychologists choose their hours of availability, their fees and the modality of their sessions (video, chat, telephone, email and face-to-face consultations).

Patients, for their part, choose the psychologist who best suits their possibilities, and for this they have the option of doing a free presentation session of around 10 minutes for a first contact; they can also choose the way to carry out the session and the payment methods.

A few years ago, the idea of ​​establishing contact with psychologists through the Internet seemed unthinkable. What has changed?

The way we do everything has changed. We choose the movies we want to see, we book trips, we look for a partner, we learn languages, we do the shopping … and all this online. Nowadays everything is at the click of a button, and the world of health, too.

You have to adapt to new needs, and Mentavio makes it possible for both psychologists and patients.

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