Obsessive Personality: 8 Habits That Lead To Obsession

People with a tendency to obsessive behavior manifest it in their daily way of acting. Throughout life there are numerous situations that are able to trap our mind in a loop that seems eternal. Recurring thoughts,  unjustified anxiety due to phenomena that constantly attract attention … These are characteristics of the obsessive personality, which, although

Psychologists For Deaf People And The Importance Of Inclusion

Like everyone else, hearing-impaired people also deserve to go to a psychologist. Sometimes it is often taken for granted that the integration of people with hearing impairments in Spain with society is now greater than ever. But this is only partly true. Towards more inclusive societies The arrival of smartphones, tablets, accompanied in turn by

Transference And Countertransference In Psychoanalysis

What do these concepts that Sigmund Freud developed consist of? If there is something that characterizes the psychoanalysis developed by Sigmund Freud, it is the emphasis that it places on the psychological processes that theoretically occur unconsciously and direct our way of acting, thinking and feeling.  Psychoanalysis was born as an attempt to understand human

Why Are So Many People Gossiping?

The transmission of gossip is a constant in practically any type of society. Why? The world of gossip is not simply something that sticks to junk  TV ; it is deeply installed in our lives, even when we believe that we do not participate in it. In fact, rumors and gossip are phenomena that have