Pilar Conde: “online Therapy Is Not Different From Any Therapy, What Changes Is The Access Path”

We talk about what the online psychotherapy service is like and how it works.

Pilar Conde, from Origen clinics.

New technologies have caused changes in multiple areas of our lives, and of course in the way we interact with others. Today, we can buy online, study an online career and even go to psychological therapy without having to attend a clinic in person.

In this sense, online therapy brings many benefits and is just as useful as traditional therapy. There are many people who have improved their well-being and their quality of life with this type of psychotherapy.

Interview with Pilar Conde, director of Origen-alive

Knowing the above, we wanted to speak with Pilar Conde, health psychologist and technical director of the psychotherapy center, so that she could tell us how online therapy works and explain its advantages.

Juan Armando Corbin: Good morning, Pilar. Tell us what Origin is. Why was it born?

Pilar Conde: Origen, was born with the aim of allowing access to psychological treatments, coaching and pharmacological processes, at any time of the day and from anywhere. The contracted treatment can be either in person or online.

What exactly is online therapy? What advantages does it have over conventional therapy?

The online treatment procedure is the same as in person. The treatments are divided into the evaluation phase, the hypothesis or psychoeducational phase, the intervention phase and the follow-up phase.

The difference is that the material between sessions will be given in digital format and via email, and the interaction between people and professionals will be through an electronic device. In our case, it is not necessary to have a program installed, since we send the link to the email, and accessing it opens the connection.

Regarding the advantages, it is not necessary to miss therapeutic sessions due to work or travel, nor is it necessary to waste time going to and from the consultation, which facilitates reconciliation with personal and work life. In addition, the sessions can be carried out from any place where the patient is comfortable, such as her living room or on her terrace and it is possible to have psychotherapy sessions with the professionals of Clinicas Origen even if the patient is not in the same

How does online therapy work? What steps should a patient interested in this type of therapy follow?

It is very simple, the interested person has to enter www.origen-alive.com and choose the treatment that he considers that suits his needs, among the existing treatments that fit different profiles. At Origin-Alive we have online and face-to-face therapies in the clinic, both of which will be enhanced by the specialists at ClĂ­nicas Origen.

The process of buying or reserving treatments online is very simple, with a user and following the purchase steps in just a few clicks, the interested party will have the key to being happier.

Once contracted or once the reservation has been made, an advisor from our clinics will contact the interested party to inform them about our clinics, make an appointment with the psychologist and assess their needs and suitability for the treatment. , the chosen treatment will be validated or modified so that it is truly effective.

In online therapy, is the trust between the therapist and the patient less due to physical distance? And adherence to treatment?

Today technologies and the way people relate to each other has changed. Online therapy has many benefits, as I have mentioned, and technology allows us to evolve and adapt to a greater number of needs and personal circumstances. If used in a creative and professional way, it will benefit and enhance the therapeutic processes and the relationship of trust between the patient and the therapist.

Adherence to treatment can even be facilitated, since it is easier to access from anywhere than the trips required by face-to-face sessions.

Do you think that online therapy is equally beneficial for anyone or any type of problem?

Online therapy is no different from any therapy, what changes is the access route. If people are predisposed and motivated, it shouldn’t be a problem. There are certain symptoms that could be thought from the outset to be a drawback, for example in people with agoraphobia, who tend not to leave the house.

At first it could be seen as a difficulty, but if we are creative we will see how it can be used to your advantage. For example, it may be that this type of access allows access to some people who, due to various reasons, are not initially willing to attend in person and can help them in that process. In other situations, online sessions can be held on the street, accompanying you in the exhibition process.

What psychological problems do you deal with most frequently from Origin-alive?

We treat many problems, although anxiety disorders and mood disorders more often. We also work on coaching processes.

What skills do you think the psychologist should enhance in online therapy sessions?

In any type of therapy the psychologist has to have developed empathy, active listening, unconditional acceptance, training, experience. In online therapy, the ability to handle the necessary applications would be added, such as mail and a program to carry out the sessions online.

What makes Origen-alive different from other online therapy clinics?

Origen-alive is a clinic specialized in online treatment, and we have a specific program for the sessions that does not require the installation of any program on the computer. Our methodology facilitates the understanding of everything that the patient works in the session, and the psychologist sends the material weekly to her email.

One of our goals is to break down the barriers about existing prejudices when going to a psychologist. For us, going to the psychologist is synonymous with intelligence, of being aware that to improve and grow psychologically, emotionally and socially, training is needed by a professional, in this case a psychologist.

Origen-alive patients belong to a network of clinics and their psychologists are part of a team of professionals, who receive continuous training. We also ensure that all our professionals have the health accreditation to practice, as well as the mandatory requirements for the practice of therapy.

The fact of belonging to a network of clinics such as Origen, makes our patients benefit from the discounts and promotions of our clinics. At Origen we care about the well-being of our patients, and for this reason we make sure that the treatments they receive are of the highest quality.

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