Smile: The App For Psychological Assistance Without Waiting

We spoke with the development team of Psonríe, a digital platform to seek psychological help.

Psonríe team

Times are changing and, with them, our perception of what psychological well-being means.

Perhaps that is why today there are resources such as Psonríe, a digital platform accessed through an app that allows you to obtain psychological assistance online and at the moment, without the need to make an appointment. It is an idea that is as interesting and useful as it is simple, and owes its existence not only to the latest technological developments, but also to recent cultural changes about what it means for most people to go to a psychologist.

Interview with the Psonríe team: the revolution of psychological assistance without waiting

On this occasion we speak with the team of professionals behind Psonríe, so that they can explain to us the vision they have about this type of service and the way in which society has changed to the point of making the existence of this type possible. Of applications.

What is the main idea behind the development of the Psonríe digital platform?

Psonríe was born with a clear objective, to normalize psychological therapy by making it available to anyone, both for economic reasons or for time.

We want to publicize the benefits of psychology, strip it of the prejudices that surround it (it’s for crazy people, it’s pseudoscience …) and make it reach the whole world.

In the last few decades, there have been many cultural changes. What effect has this had on the way the psychologist is seen?


The collective imagination places the psychologist as the professional who treats “crazy people”. This lack of knowledge about the real task of the psychologist means that, when we need this professional, we do not go to benefit from their knowledge to improve and facilitate our lives.

We do not doubt that, if we have the flu we will go to a doctor and we are not ashamed to admit it, it is normal. With the psychologist it should be like that. We should not feel ashamed to go to the professional who will help us to rationalize and objectify a complicated situation in our life and to be able to use the best resources at our disposal to overcome it.

But luckily, this is changing, with more and more influential people talking about their experience in therapy and the importance of psychology in their professional and personal lives both on television and on social media.

The diffusion and normalization of psychology makes it easier for us to go to it without fear or prejudice.

Is psychotherapy increasingly being used for more varied reasons?

It is increasingly clear to us that this area of ​​knowledge is present in all areas of human life: personal and partner relationships, work, sport, health, self-knowledge, life crises, raising children … issues that nothing They have to do with a pathology that affects us all at some point in our lives and that, until now, we were forced to carry on in silence and solitude.

A psychologist helps us to face these vital milestones in a way that we will reduce their negative impact, the duration of the process, and we will be able to take advantage of the situation to acquire tools that will serve us in the future.

How do technological advances help facilitate access to this type of professional assistance services?

Apps are the newest method to be able to contact a psychologist without having to go to a consultation in person. According to the app, you can do it anonymously if you wish, through a chat, voice call and even video call.

Being able to do it from home, without travel, reduces the excuse of “laziness” and allows us to have a longer-term contact with our psychologist without problems of distance or time getting in the way.

What are the main advantages that this system offers to psychologists?

The psychologist, by reducing the rental costs of the consultation space, can lower the price of their sessions, making it more affordable for those who do not have sufficient resources, they can continue with a user despite the fact that they move or travel and can serve users from anywhere in the world expanding their professional experience and reaching anyone without limit.

What is the future of technology applied to psychology?

Well-used technology will always help us improve the services that we currently have.

In the case of psychology, robots are already appearing that read our emotions and Artificial Intelligence that give us general advice according to our query thanks to the data provided by Big Data. But in a discipline where the human aspect is essential, a robot or an AI have to be completely at the service of the professional to improve its effectiveness, but in no way can they replace it.

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