The 10 Best Geriatric Residences In Gijón

A selection of the best care centers for the elderly in Gijón.

The 10 best Geriatric Residences in Gijón

Being the most populated city in Asturias with more than 270,000 inhabitants, Gijón is one of the most important urban centers in the North of Spain, and therefore has many specialized services.

In this case we will focus on the elderly care sector and we will see a selection of the best Geriatric Residences in Gijón, each with a brief description.

The most recommended Geriatric Centers in Gijón

Here you will find several recommendations regarding the best geriatric centers in Gijón, where you will find everything you need to know, in a summarized way, to be able to compare all the proposals and choose the best possible center.

1. Atalaya Residence

Atalaya Residence

The Atalaya Residence is one of the best options where to entrust the care of our elderly to qualified and experienced personnel in offering the best service for any need they may have. The center has great flexibility and admits both temporary and permanent stays, so we will find all kinds of admission facilities.

In addition, the specialized services that the center’s team of professionals will offer are, among others, first-rate healthcare, physiotherapy, psychology and also occupational therapy, in order to cognitively stimulate the person.

  • You will find this residence on Calle Camino Viejo del Musel, number 779.

2. Robles Geriatric Center

Robles Geriatric Center

At the Robles Geriatric Center we will find a space in which to obtain individualized treatment from a team of specialized and experienced professionals, whose main objective is the well-being of residents.

In this center we will find, in addition to a professional service 24 hours a day, a set of recently built, spacious and sunny facilities, where the resident will feel at home, of which we highlight the large outdoor garden.

  • You will find this residence on Calle Camín de la Eiría, number 868.

3. Holy Father Residence

Holy Father Residence

At the Padre Santo Residence there are also committed professionals with a vocation to serve the elderly residents, in a comprehensive, empathetic and respectful way.

Among the main facilities of the center we can find spacious living rooms, rehabilitation rooms and gym, a room for therapy and socio-cultural activities, as well as a hairdresser and laundry, among others. Thus, it is one of the most versatile options in terms of caring for people who have already entered old age.

  • You can find this residence at Calle Pintor Manuel Medina, number 5.

4. Parquemar Residence

The Parquemar Geriatric Residence is also one of the best options to trust to leave the care of our family member in the hands of a team of highly qualified professionals

Among the varied catalog of services offered by the center’s professionals, we can highlight personalized and constant medical attention, a psychology service, individualized food and various social-recreational activities.

  • This residence can be found on Camino de los Rosales, number 664.

5. Residence HR El Elíseo

The HR El Elíseo Residential Center is a newly built residential complex located in the heart of Gijón, where the elderly who need it, will find a quality service, based on the individualization of each case and on achieving well-being as the main objective of the person.

Anyone who decides to stay in this fantastic residence will find, in addition to modern equipment both in the rooms and in the common areas, an excellent team of professionals who will provide the best possible medical and social care.

  • This residence is located at Calle Luciano Castañón, number 7.

6. Ballesol Gijón Residence

The Ballesol Gijón Residence welcomes both people who request temporary accommodation, either to recover from an operation, as well as those who do so permanently.

In any case, in this center we will find a whole series of services that facilitate the life of the resident, in modern facilities adapted for the elderly.

  • The Ballesol Gijón residence can be found at Calle Velázquez, number 52.

7. Residence Jovellanos

At the Jovellanos Residence, a comprehensive multidisciplinary service is provided to assess the person’s condition at the time they enter the center and a sustained intervention is carried out throughout the stay.

A team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and sociocultural animators will offer the best services to make the person who resides in the center feel at home.

  • You will find the center on Calle Muros de Galicia, number 3.

8. Residence La Sirena

La Sirena Residence is also one of the best options that we can choose for the care of our family member. The center has perfectly remodeled and modern facilities, all of them spacious, bright and adapted for the elderly.

In addition to that, the center has professionals who will attend to any problem that residents have, through in-depth medical monitoring and also other services such as physiotherapy, cognitive stimulation workshops, social care and animation.

  • Find this residence at Calle de los Moros, number 42.

9. Residence La Villa

The Villa is a residence for the elderly located on the outskirts of Gijón, in an unbeatable natural space where the resident can enjoy a large outdoor patio and vast green areas in which to walk and relax.

The facilities, both individual and communal, are bright and spacious for the enjoyment of its residents and the center’s team of professionals will provide a professional and human service in equal measure.

  • You will find this residence on Camino de Caravedo, number 55, in La Rebollada, Cenero.

10. Residence San Miguel

Anyone looking for an outdoor center will find at Residencia San Miguel a space surrounded by nature, ideal for people with respiratory problems or convalescing from an operation.

The center’s professionals will be in charge of offering the best possible care to its residents in all areas, both medical and health, social and residential.

  • You will find this residence for the elderly on the Camino de San Miguel, number 320, Bernueces, Gijón.

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