The 10 Best Geriatric Residences In Teruel

The most recommended geriatric centers for the care of the elderly in this Aragonese area.

The best Geriatric Residences in Teruel

Teruel stands out for an important artistic legacy declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; Among its main tourist attractions are its Mudejar buildings, the Teruel Lovers’ Mausoleum, and the Dinópolis paleontological center.

However, its importance goes beyond the cultural sphere. Its population is over 35,000 inhabitants and it provides specialized services to a good part of its province, being the capital of a relatively unpopulated area. Here we will focus on the field of care for the elderly and we will see a selection of the best geriatric residences in Teruel and surroundings.

Geriatric centers in Teruel recommended for the care of the elderly

If you are looking for the best geriatric residence for the care of the elderly in the Teruel area, you are in the right place. In the following article we will see the most recommended geriatric centers in the territory, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

1. Father Piquer Rey Ardid geriatric residence

Rey Ardid Foundation

The Padre Piquer Rey Ardid Geriatric Residence is a well-known center dedicated to geriatric care for the elderly, offering permanent or temporary stay services to people who need it.

It has a capacity of 110 people, prepared so that all those in a situation of dependency can carry out their day to day with total normality.

  • The center for the elderly is located at calle Barcelona, ​​2, 44002 Teruel (Teruel).

2. Residence San Martin de Tous

Residence San Martín de Tous

The San Martin de Tous Residence is a center whose main objective is to care for the elderly, offering a comprehensive and personalized service so that dependent people can lead their lives normally.

All this is thanks to the team of professionals that is part of the center, who thanks to their long experience in the sector can offer a personalized service, while covering different areas of specialization.

  • It is located at Calle Ariño No. 4, 44500 Andorra (Teruel).

3. Residence for the Elderly Cedrillas

The Cedrillas Senior Residence is managed by the Rey Ardid Foundation, which allows all the work of the people who are part of the residence to focus on improving the well-being of the elderly by promoting values ​​such as affection and respect.

The center’s medical and assistance team performs a fundamental job so that the center’s people are in an excellent state of personal well-being, offering nutritional and medical services and carrying out dynamic activities to keep them active.

  • The center for the elderly is located on Carretera de Alcalá de la Selva, 1, 44147 Cedrillas (Teruel).

4. La Purísima Senior Residence

La Purísima Senior Residence is one of the most experienced residences in the area, specialized in treating different types of dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

Thanks to the good management of the center’s medical and health team, patients receive excellent treatment, acting quickly and accurately when any type of health problem is detected.

  • This center can be found at Calle Mayor 1, 44550 Alcorisa (Teruel).

5. Monreal del Campo Residence

The Monreal del Campo Residence is part of the Monreal Residence Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation dedicated to offering geriatric care to people who are in a dependent state and require comprehensive assistance.

Thanks to this type of geriatric care, older people can feel supported in their day-to-day activities by the center’s care team, notably improving their quality of life.

  • The center can be found at Calle de las Rosas 2, 44300 Monreal del Campo (Teruel).

6. Alcañiz geriatric residence

The Alcañiz Geriatric Residence is a center located a few kilometers from the city of Teruel, where you can find facilities completely adapted to mobility and the needs of the elderly.

Both the medical team and the treatment it receives from the rest of the center’s workers, based on affection and closeness, residents will be able to make life more calm and easy, counting on the help of the staff whenever they need it.

  • The center is located in Plaza Paola Blasco Block 3, 1º, 44600 Alcañiz (Teruel).

7. Virgen de los Olmos Residence

The Virgen de los Olmos Residence aims to improve the quality of life of dependent people, and also that of their families. For this, in the center you can find a team of professionals who offer a close and familiar treatment from the respect and professionalism.

The location of the residence is excellent, where you can find a quiet and sunny space. It is also very close to the primary care center, the pharmacy and shops, which makes it an accessible and well-connected place.

  • The center is located at Calle San José, 20, 44200 Calamocha (Teruel).

8. Nogueruelas Senior Residence

The Nogueruelas Residence for the Third Age is a center dedicated to the care of the elderly, and has magnificent facilities with a wide range of services and activities, such as the infirmary, garden, the television room , personalized diet service, laundry and heating, among others.

Furthermore, the rooms are made up of 4 single rooms and 10 double rooms.

  • The center is located at Calle El Solano, 11, 44414 Nogueruelas (Teruel).

9. Jerónimo Zurita Senior Residence

The Jerónimo Zurita Senior Residence has a large number of services, such as an elevator, garden areas where you can take walks, a room to watch television, its own kitchen, programs and activities, and other services to keep residents active.

The team of professionals also stands out for its trajectory in the geriatric sector, and for its great vocation in treating and caring for the elderly.

  • The center can be found located in the well-known Calle Isabel Belsa, 6, 44410 Mosqueruela (Teruel).

10. Valderrobres Senior Residence

The Valderrobres Residence for the Elderly is a mixed center that can receive both fully autonomous people, as well as those in a dependent situation, who need assistance to carry out their daily activities.

The center offers 75 places, 60 of which are permanent residence, while the other 15 are destined for the day center.

  • The senior center is located at Calle Elvira Hidalgo No 7, 44580 Valderrobres (Teruel).

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