The 10 Best Psychiatric Clinics In Barcelona

Meet the 10 best clinics specialized in psychiatric treatment in the city of Barcelona.

Psychiatry Clinics in Barcelona

The best psychiatric treatment is often considered to be one that is applied with the holistic, human component of therapy in mind and not just on the pharmacological side.

In the city of Barcelona we will find a wide variety of psychiatry clinics that offer quality, comprehensive treatment based on the individuality of the patient and their circumstances. That is why, in today’s article we present the 10 best psychiatry clinics in Barcelona for anyone who needs a treatment of this type.

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The 10 most valued Psychiatry clinics in Barcelona

Do not hesitate to consult our selection of the best psychiatric clinics in Barcelona. In it you will find all the information you need to choose the best possible professional and get in touch with him as soon as possible.


CITA Clinics

At the CITA Clinic we will find a psychological and psychiatric treatment offered by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are experts in their respective disciplines, who work in a coordinated way to treat any type of addiction that the patient may have.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and coaches will be responsible for offering the best solutions to ultimately achieve the total rehabilitation of the patient, being the main disorders that are addressed in the clinic, addiction to alcohol and drugs, benzodiazepines and game, among others.

  • The CITA Clinic can be found at Mas Mia s / n in Dosrius, Barcelona.
  • Contact comfortably through this link.

2. Obiols Psychiatry

The professionals at the Obiols Psychiatric Center are specialized in offering professional and quality treatment in the psychiatric and psychological field for patients of all ages.

This center is one of the oldest in Barcelona, ​​and today it also offers neuropsychology and sexology services from some of the best professionals in the city. The center’s main specialties are sexual disorders, developmental disorders, and schizophrenia and other psychoses.

  • This center is located on Avenida Vía Augusta, number 20.

3. Formaser Center

The Formaser Center is 10 years old and offers effective and quality treatment in both psychology and psychiatry for patients of all ages and through different therapeutic techniques, both classic and new.

At the center we will find professionals of proven worth who combine a structured and guided methodology with a close, friendly and trustworthy treatment.

  • The Formaser center is located at Calle Zaragoza, number 18.

4. Barón Buixó Cabinet

The Barón Buixó Cabinet’s therapeutic team is specialized in offering top-quality treatment in psychiatry and psychology from a bio-psycho-social perspective, that is, a comprehensive approach in which both the application of drugs in the patient, as well as alternative therapies.

The center addresses all kinds of different problems and disorders that both adult patients, adolescents and children may present, with the center’s specialties being the treatment of disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • You can find this clinic on Avenida Josep Tarradellas, number 114.

5. Bonanova Center

The Bonanova Center is another of the centers that we must take into account, both due to the degree of training and experience of the professionals who work in it, as well as the methodology used and the close and humane treatment they practice.

The center is made up of a select group of psychiatrists and psychologists in charge of treating all kinds of disorders that may generate discomfort or frustration in the patient, specializing in sexual disorders, family problems and disorders related to addictive behaviors.

  • The Bonanova Center is located on Avenida Vía Augusta, number 229.

6. Paseo de Gracia Center

The professionals at the Paseo de Gracia Center are expert therapists specialized in both psychiatric discipline and psychological treatment aimed at children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and the elderly.

The treatment of this center is based on confidentiality, respect and professionalism, and the main disorders that are addressed in it are personality disorders, depression and relationship problems.

  • You will find this center in Paseo de Gracia, number 12.

7. BM Medical Center

The BM Psychiatry and Psychology Medical Center has been offering professional therapeutic care to patients of all ages for 30 years and its professionals are specialized in treating mental disorders as well as addictive disorders.

Some of those treatment specialties are anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Find this center on Calle Balmes, number 415.

8. Dr. Alfonso team

The Dr. Alfonso Team offers individualized psychiatric and psychological treatment focused on the distinctive characteristics of the patient to carry out an evaluation and subsequent treatment of all those problems that may arise.

Treatment is aimed at patients of all ages and the diagnosis is multifactorial, that is, it takes into account the entire range of circumstances and specificities that affect the patient’s life.

  • You will find the Equipo Dr. Alfonso center on Avenida Diagonal, number 600.

9. Adala Salud

The Adala Salud center has an excellent group of professionals licensed in Psychology and Psychiatry who have been putting into practice since 2002 an avant-garde therapeutic treatment with a comprehensive and multi-therapeutic orientation.

The treatment of the center is indicated for patients of all ages and some of the techniques that are put into practice to achieve the therapeutic objectives are Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and EMDR Therapy.

  • The Adala Salud center is located on Calle de Roger de Llúria, number 124.

10. Dr. Romeu Cabinet

Anyone who is looking for a quality treatment in the field of psychiatry in the city of Barcelona, ​​will find the Dr. Romeu Cabinet, the ideal place.

In the heart of the city, the center’s team of professionals offer specialized therapy in the child-adolescent field and based on a multidisciplinary approach with a cognitive base, mainly behavioral, constructivist and systemic.

  • This center is located on Calle del Bruc, number 127.

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