The 10 Myths About Coaching

We clear up some common confusions about Coaching.

Although today it is considered a fad or a popular tool, in reality  Coaching is one of the oldest human empowerment tools that exist, in addition to the ones that report more self-knowledge, learning and well-being to people. Why? 

Simply because this tool follows the principles of human nature itself: listening, knowing oneself, seeing oneself, and through a mirror that asks powerful questions (that is the coach), discovering all the potential we have and developing it through action (in addition to reflection). However, today there are a thousand myths about Coaching and this makes it difficult for us to know what the reality and potential of this tool is. Don’t be fooled. Find out what it is with this article, but above all do not forget to experience it.

Defining concepts

Coaching, in reality, comes from Socratic dialogue.  Socrates, with his followers, used a system of active listening and powerful questions so that they themselves would discover how they interpreted life, tried to solve problems, or what their blocks were (blocks that we create ourselves, through our values , beliefs, impressions, interpretations, judgments about others and ourselves, always biased and limited). 

This tool was modernized in the last 20th century with the practice of tennis, and later, with the development of a new type of business consulting in the US (where these consultants, with the support of social psychologists, discovered that the most profound changes occurred in people who took responsibility for their decision making and were aware that they were the ones who could change their reality by changing something about themselves). Today, Coaching is a powerful human empowerment tool, both for companies … and for anyone, since Coaching works with people, it is a system for human beings.

The reasons for the controversies around Coaching

Why then are there so many myths if the tool is so simple? Mainly for three reasons. First of all, Coaching has become so popular (because of the powerful results it offers) that there is a lot of professional intrusion. In short, many people claim to be a “coach” when they are not, but instead offer talks, try to motivate, and sell you a theory of happiness, or advise you in some way (in nutrition, sports, public speaking, well-being, entrepreneurship , life as a couple, etc.). 

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Second, because there are too many Coaching labels today, when in reality there is only Coaching and labels are only marketing strategies. And thirdly, because many people, instead of informing themselves and experiencing what Coaching really is, prefer to get the wrong impression. We are going to explain 10 simple myths about Coaching … to help you really know what it is;)

1. Coaching is for companies

Coaching is a tool that smart and humane companies often use. Why? Because the results they obtain depend on the state in which the people are … When a person awakens their potential and feels full, their professional results are greater. So Coaching is not for companies … but for people, and companies are made up of people. 

Coaching is for anyone who wants to awaken their talent and experience a profound change.

2. Coaching is training

Although in English “coach” means to train, the Coaching profession owes its name to the term “kocz” in the Hungarian language, which means “car”. It is said like this because a Coaching process is like a journey by car, from where you are (how you think, believe, feel and act now) to where you can be (where you want to be if you develop that part of you that is a bit stuck)

3. Coaching is motivation for groups

Coaching does not motivate, but accompanies a person to learn to motivate themselves. This is effective and lasts forever, while a group motivation is just that … a talk whose effect wears off over time. Remember that Coaching is a tool that takes place privately and personally, between the person and the coach, not in groups. Coaching tools can be used in a group, but it will never be like a true coaching process.

4. Coaching is a system to make money

Nothing is further from reality. Coaching is a human empowerment tool, where you choose your goals and what you want to achieve in your life, what you want to change about yourself, what area of ​​your personality you want to develop, what you want to learn.

5. Coaching is therapy

Coaching is not therapy, nor is it psychology. Coaching is a tool focused on the present, on what happens, and especially on solutions and your learning, while therapy focuses on problems or dysfunctional behaviors.

6. Coaching is professional training

Coaching helps you discover your talent and develop it, and this may or may not serve you professionally, it again depends on your goals. A true Coach, accompanies you to achieve your goals, and it is you who learns from yourself. A coach does not train you, he does not teach you, he does not intrude you, he is not a teacher. A coach only accompanies you in an expert way so that you can learn from yourself, as Socrates did with his students, as if he were a faithful mirror of yourself.

7. Coaching is a technique to stop smoking, lose weight or have better self-esteem

The objectives you choose in Coaching depend on you. You will tell your coach and that professional will help you focus clearly on what you want. Coaching is never a system to achieve certain objectives, but the person chooses them freely.

8. Coaching is a fashionable tool

As we said, Coaching is as old as Socrates. Coaching has probably existed since a human being listened to another, understood their way of seeing life, and asked them a question that made them realize that everything can be different.

9. Coaching is magic

Coaching results do not just happen by magic nor are they based on any “secrets”. It is you, the person, who achieves the results with your change, with your actions, with your commitment. The coach accompanies you on that path.

10. Coaching transforms your life

Coaching is just a tool, but the protagonist is you. The coach is an expert in accompanying you on a path in which you will learn in an accelerated way about yourself and where you can change your mental programming or way of seeing life and feeling it … in such a way that something will change in you and you can be more yourself than ever, more natural and full. It is you who transform yourself.

And finally, an also important myth, not about Coaching … but about coaches:

11. Being a coach is easy, you just have to have charisma …

A coach is above all a professional, a person trained in Coaching in an arduous way (at least, a Master’s degree and several years of learning and professional experience, in addition to setting an example with their own lifestyle, motivated by changes, challenges, responsibility and commitments). A coach is not the protagonist, but you are the protagonist. The success of a coach is the success of the people with whom he works. A coach can be a great speaker or have charisma, but above all you need a lot of learning, humility and experience, as well as knowledge and training. Actually, the most beautiful thing about this tool that can make us see how valuable we are and the great power we have to change our reality … is to be a coachee (the person who hires the coach and wants to live the process).

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Remember also that a Coaching process takes place privately between the coachee (client) and the coach, in private sessions (between 6 and 12). Coaching is just a system to accelerate your learning and discover yourself in time. Dare to start a path towards yourself.

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