The 12 Best Phrases Of The Poet Rafael Alberti

Famous quotes from one of the top representatives of the Generation of 27.

Rafael Alberti (Cádiz, 1902 – 1999) was one of the great Spanish writers, representative of the Generation of 27.

This Cadiz writer was a member of the Communist Party of Spain and had to go into exile after the uprising that brought the dictator Francisco Franco to power. Years ago, in 1920, Rafael Alberti began to write verses after the death of his father. From there, Alberti would emerge as one of the most prolific Spanish authors of the 20th century.

Famous quotes and phrases by Rafael Alberti

Shortly after that disastrous episode, Alberti returned to Madrid and there he met writers such as Federico García Lorca, Pedro Salinas, Víctor Alexandre and Gerardo Diego, names that would later be considered the referents of the glorious era of Castilian letters.

In today’s article we are going to learn a little more about this famous figure in literature, through his most famous phrases and reflections.

1. I don’t want to die on the ground: it gives me a terrible panic. As I love to fly by plane and watch the clouds go by, I would like that one day the plane in which I travel would get lost and not return. And let the angels make me an epitaph. Or the wind …

In this sentence, Rafael Alberti explains to us in a poetic way how he would prefer to spend his last moments.

2. Words open doors on the sea

A metaphor of great poetic value.

3. I left with a clenched fist … I return with an open hand

This famous phrase by Alberti has been interpreted in different ways, for example in reference to his time in exile.

4. Freedom does not have those who do not have their thirst

To find freedom you have to fight and resist.

5. You will not go, my love, and if you left, even if you left my love, you would never leave

An excerpt from one of his most acclaimed poems: “You will not go (or Come, my love, in the afternoon …)”.

6. Full of smoothness and carmine,

dreamy lantern, vague and flying,

flew to the highest viewpoints.

Look at her cherub of cherubs,

of the orchard of the airs pulsadora.

Pensive of Alberti among the flowers!

An extract from the poem he dedicated to his wife, Rosa de Alberti.

7.I will never be made of stone, I will cry when necessary, I will scream when necessary, I will laugh when necessary, I will sing when necessary

A declaration of intentions  full of vitality and optimism.

8. It is necessary to be blind, to have glass scrapes, quicklime, boiling sand stuck in the eyes, so as not to see the light that leaps into our actions, that illuminates our tongue, our daily word from within

An ode to language in this memorable phrase by Rafael Alberti.

9. I saw you float, flower of agony, float on your very spirit. (Someone had sworn that the sea would save you from sleep.) It was when I verified that walls are broken with sighs and that there are doors to the sea that open with words and that there are doors to the sea that open with words

Another extract from “Ángel de las bodegas”, one of his most surprising verses in which he talks about wine.

10. And the sea went and gave a name, and a surname to the wind, and the clouds a body, and a soul the fire. The earth, nothing

The elements and the landscape were highly elaborated concepts in Alberti’s work.

11. Life is like a lemon, to be thrown into the sea squeezed and dry

A phrase for free interpretation.

12. Through the centuries, for the nothing in the world, I, without sleep, looking for you

About lost loves and longing to return to happier times.

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