The 15 Best Websites To Watch Tv Series For Free And Online

Watching serials and audiovisual fictions divided into chapters is one of the great forms of leisure.

Nowadays it is not necessary to have a television as in the old days to be able to watch good television series. There are many websites that offer the possibility of viewing them online at any time and place.

One of the great advantages of this format is that we decide what we want to watch and at what time, instead of having to wait for the television to broadcast the program that interests us at a certain time.

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The best websites to watch series online at no cost

But not all the pages are of good quality, so it is necessary to know those that allow you to watch the programs without interruptions and without that tiresome advertising that invades your computer screen. In fact, some will even make you enter hundreds of data until at the end you can see the series you want and, if you are not careful, some “sites” will even make you download programs that, in the best of cases, will slow down your PC or Mac. That is if they do not contain a virus that can seriously affect your device.

If you decide to search on your own, better inform yourself before the opinions of other users to know if that page you are visiting is reliable or not. Now, to make your work easier, in this article you will find no more and no less than 12 websites to watch free and online TV series that are of great quality. They can be used both to see classics and to carry out tasks for educational purposes and to generate debates about art or topics related to society. So keep an eye on the next few lines because this may interest you.

1. is one of the best sites to watch entire episodes of a wide variety of television series, both to enjoy the most current and those that were a total success in their time. Given its wide variety of content, you can enjoy hours and hours of entertainment wherever you are.

Therefore, start enjoying their series by simply connecting to their website, where you can find the programs collected alphabetically. If you have difficulties finding what you are looking for, you can always use its search engine to get to the program you want faster.


One of the most fashionable websites of the moment, which contains series as exclusive content. There are other pages with more productions, but if you are looking for quality, this site is highly recommended. The good thing about this portal is that the same series can have different options, therefore, it is possible to see it in the original version, in Spanish and even in Latin. There is some advertising present on the web, but it has updated content.

3. is one of the pages that is causing the most talk today due to its great performance. The truth is that users should know that, as happens on many of these websites, there are advertising buttons that are strategically located for users to click thinking that it is the button to see the series. Far from this, the Pordede website is one of the best. The only downside is that you have to register to be able to access its content.


This website, although it has a name similar to point two on this list, it is another website. It offers similar content and is one of the best pages to see the entire seasons of the programs you like the most. Without a doubt, watching series can hook you, so it is good that the website you use is of the best possible quality. The design of the portal is simple, but it is possible to find a great variety of productions that will make you spend very entertaining moments.


A good page to enjoy the latest news, as its content is rather up-to-date. It only contains series, so it is not possible to find films or documentaries as is the case with other portals. The series are of the best HD quality, and contain subtitled series, in original version, in Spanish and in Latin.


Seriesdanko is a page with a great performance and that allows you to watch series in HD. The creators also have other websites and, to be able to download and view feature films and literary works. These series are arranged in alphabetical order and also appear on the side of the screen for easy access.

7. is a portal that works perfectly and that brings you the latest news so you can have an entertaining time, especially on those days when the weather is not good. The series contains a brief explanation so that you can know what it is about if you want to know new productions.

8. is a functional website where it is not only possible to watch series, but you can also view contests and offers such interesting functions as reviews of the best series and a list of quotes or phrases to remember. One of the best pages to watch series and one of the most successful.

9. Couchtuner

A recommended website to see all kinds of series, since it has a large catalog of titles … yes, in English-


Series and films with dubbing and subtitles in Spanish. In addition, its catalog is extensive.


This website includes both movies and series, both available in streaming. One of the most recommended.


This website not only has a large repertoire of series and movies. In addition, it is constantly updated. However, it can be difficult to find material in Spanish.

13. PopCorn Time

In the url you can download applications dedicated to the noble world of TV series. That is, it is not a website to watch TV series itself, but it will allow you to access applications that have practically infinite catalogs.

14. PelisPedia

In you can access thousands of series online. Don’t be fooled by the name, they don’t just offer movies.

15. Look at Everything

One last bet is The strong point of this website is its classification by genre, the series’ premiere date, and a lot of parameters that will allow you to filter the contents.

The best psychological series

Psychology is present in our lives, because everything goes through our mind before we can be aware of it. In addition, psychology is also present in many series, where the personalities of the different characters or the contents of these productions are of great interest to psychologists and behavioral science professionals.

Some examples are: Breaking Bad, En Terapia or My Mad Fat Diary.

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