The 18 Best Phrases Of Risto Mejide

The Catalan publicist is famous for his vicious tongue and his television appearances.

Today we have a compilation of phrases by Risto Mejide, a famous character who has been filming for years on television, a medium in which he has even directed his own programs.

Risto Mejide (Barcelona, ​​1974) started in the world of music when he was very young and later made the leap to the big screen. His professional career has been linked to the world of advertising, he is also the author of different books and viral articles. 

His contribution to television programs such as Operación Triunfo , Tú si que vales or the interview program that he directed, Viajando con Chester , which was later renamed The Thinking Corner, stands out . As of the writing of this article, he is the host of the latter program, in which he interviews different celebrities in a brusque and intrusive way. trying to extract his most precious secrets,  as he did from the Rubius.

The best phrases of Risto Mejide 

Risto is a controversial person that every viewer may like more or less, but what no one can deny is that he is a person who knows how to make the most of the interviews he conducts, and who has a great ability to put people on the ropes. anyone who dares to be invited to your program.

1. “Times of pasteurized love, kisses that do not even touch the cheeks and affections of all a hundred.”

The  liquid love, in the eyes of the Catalan publicist.

2. “Strong belief that nothing lasts … helps you make things last.”

When one clings to the day without further demands, the comforting tends to remain.

3. “Is there someone else whose dog, canary, or grandfather has died and wants to leave the Academy? There are a lot of people working out there whose family members die but they don’t give up their work. “

A phrase that he pronounced at a gala of Operación Triunfo, and that emphasizes the capacity for sacrifice that, in his opinion, the contestants had lost.

4. “They dress them as whores and we as clowns.”

Another phrase from OT that many contestants took as an offense … and no wonder.

Famous quotes by Risto Mejide

5. “I’ve fallen in love enough times to change my mind.”

Love may not be eternal.

Currently Risto maintains a romantic relationship with  Laura Escanes, famous YouTuber and Instagramer in the fashion sector, who is causing great excitement in the gossip magazines and does not leave fans indifferent. The special and charismatic character of this young Catalan, in addition to her impressive body, has aroused the interest of many brands and the media.

6. “You are somewhat like a dildo, let me explain: you are perfect in execution, but tremendously cold in feeling.”

Another reflection dedicated to a contestant who, in this case, should not have left the gala very happy either.

7. “I’ve wasted my time. Someone help me, because I don’t know where I left it. “

One more cutting phrase.

8. “Abandoning a dream is like dying for fascicles. With the difference that this collection is not finished by you, but it is probably the one that ends with you. “

One of those thoughts by Risto Mejide that makes us reflect on life.

9. “If no one is bothered by what you say, you have said absolutely nothing.”

Certainly, if important things are said, it tends to make more than one uncomfortable.

10. “You are only nominated tonight because we cannot expel you directly.”

Another gala in which Risto took his toughest version with a contestant.

11. “The difference between a newspaper and a common notebook is not who writes it, but who reads it.”

A compliment to subjectivity.

12. “If you have a flat of your own, a stable, well-paid job and a preparation adjusted to your reality, it is very likely that you are not young. If you do not know what it is to link garbage contracts with masters that do not offer more opportunities than the girls of the last row, it is very likely that you are not young. And if when you turn on the TV you do not find those who are supposed to be your age, being treated as the cause of all evil, from vandalism to the bottle, noise, pollution , graffiti, anorexia, squatting, anti-globalization or trash TV, it is very likely that you are not even remotely young. Doesn’t it seem incredible that after all this, there are young people who still insist on falling in love, working, have kids, a normal life, and just try to get by? “

Risto in his most philosophical version.

13. “When someone is appointed head, manager or supervisor of something, an attack of stupidity directly proportional to the number resulting from multiplying his salary increase with the number of new words in the definition of his position automatically occurs.”

It’s true: in large companies, senior managers often have little idea of ​​how to run the business.

14. “From a simple and pure” I love you “you go on to” I love you very much “,” I love you as I have never loved before “,” as I will never love anyone “, etc. And that first” I love you “is You spent so much using it with so many people that in the end it left, each one taking their bit of truth. “

Do the words are gone with the wind…

15. “You have to live as if your life is an eternal plan B.”

Improvising is the best solution.

16. “May death be with you.”

Your negative thinking can be very stimulating.

17. “We wake up thanks to biting the dust, eating the” I never “, putting up with a few” I already told you. ” Falling over and over again, for which it is essential to have gotten up on so many occasions. “

We hope you have liked the compilation of the best phrases of Risto Mejide, if you want to contribute some write in the comments and we will put it on the list.

18. “The great lessons are those that come at the worst times.”

In the most difficult situations we show our true face.

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