The 5 Best Child Psychology Centers In Leganés

A selection of recommended centers that offer child and adolescent therapy services in Leganés.

The best Child Psychology centers in Leganés

With almost 200,000 inhabitants, Leganés is one of the largest cities that we can find in the Community of Madrid. Here, currently, we can find all kinds of services, among which we can highlight first-rate psychologists specialized in child and adolescent therapy.

These psychologists are fully trained and are well versed in the emotional and cognitive problems suffered by the little ones. Throughout this article we will see, precisely, a selection of the best Child Psychology centers in Leganés, which may be of interest to families seeking professional help of this type.

The best centers that offer child therapy in Leganés

Next we will see a list with some of the best centers specialized in therapy for children and adolescents in the Leganés area. We can also see where they are, and if they are specialized in a particular type of problem.

1. Check Awakenings


The Despertares psychology and psychotherapy center, in addition to Leganés, has several locations, both in Madrid and in other CAM cities.

Its Department of Child Psychology is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and they are fully trained and prepared to treat problems such as language disorders, behavior problems, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

In this center they are also experts in cases of school failure caused by eating disorders and situations of bullying or bullying. These psychologists can also help children and adolescents who are dependent on their parents and who are not reaching a dynamic that leads them to full independence in their future and maturity.

It is important to know that the Despertares center also offers help to adolescents with self-destructive behaviors both due to addictions and drug dependence and intra-family conflicts due to problems with sexual identity.

  • You will find the Awakening center located on Madrid street in Leganés.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. ABC Psychology and Pedagogy Center

The ABC Center for Psychology and Pedagogy team is made up of a group of interdisciplinary psychology professionals who are fully specialized in child therapy for children and adolescents.

In this way, in this center they are experts in knowing the origins and causes of most of the problems that can affect children between 0 and 13 years old and within an environment of trust and reciprocal communication they can help them with treatments to recover that emotional stability that can affect their performance and school development.

On the other hand, in this center they start from the orientation of cognitive behavioral and systemic psychotherapy, which are two of the most endorsed by the scientific community, especially the first.

Among the specialties of this center we can find attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), problems of adaptation to school and home, child-parent trauma and emotional disorders as common as anxiety, depression and fear. irrational or phobias.

  • This center is directed by Francisco De los Santos Hurtado and is located on Rey Juan I avenue, in Leganés.

3. Center Orbe Psychologists

Orbe Psicólogos is one of the best centers that we can find in Leganés and is totally focused on clinical psychotherapy, so they are experts in disorders and cognitive or emotional problems that children and adolescents as well as adults may present.

This center was founded in 2010 and is run by Lucía Fernández, an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and in psychological evaluation and treatment, and Susana Vázquez, a family counselor and expert in systemic interventions.

At Orbe Psychologists they are experts in offering therapy for children and adolescents who present problems such as school demotivation, inability to manage anger, or emotions and depressive traits that affect them both with their friends and family environment.

The course they offer is also interesting, focused on teaching children and adolescents study techniques. Among the points that we find in the syllabus of this course are the mnemonic rules, the tips for how to prepare an exam and the planning of the review and the study in the short and medium term.

4. High esteem Psychologists

Altaestima Psicólogos is another of the best centers that we can find in Leganés in terms of child and adolescent therapy, and they offer psychological treatment to both children and young people as well as adults and the elderly.

This center is directed by Laura Chamorro, who has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and an expert in systemic family intervention. In this way and thanks to the training she has in diagnostic play therapy, cognitive stimulation and pedagogical aptitude, this professional is one of the best we can find if we need psychological help for children and adolescents.

In addition to offering clinical psychotherapy for problems, depression and anxiety, Laura Chamorro is also an expert in school guidance and psycho-pedagogical counseling for children who are experiencing school difficulties and see their academic performance affected by negative dynamics both within the family and outside of this.

  • You can find the Altaestima child, youth and family psychology center on Calle Alcalde Pedro González González, in Leganés.

5. Dana Center for Psychology

Dana Centro de Psicología is one of the most recommended Child Psychology centers in Leganés if you are looking, jointly, for couples therapy to address problems that may also be affecting the smallest of the family.

The Dana Center is made up of an interdisciplinary team of psychologists. It is directed by Nazaret Iglesias, she is an expert psychoeducation for families in toxic dynamics and the inability to manage aggressiveness and emotions.

In this center they can help children who are aggressive and can even direct themselves towards themselves, causing self-harm. Dana also offers a space of respect and empathy to reach the origin of these problems that can cause so much pain to the family and to the child or adolescent and to offer a treatment whose results last over time.

It is important to know that in this center they also offer workshops related to reciprocal communication with adolescents and have an interesting school for parents where they offer psychological tools to better connect with their children.

  • This center is located on Rey Juan Carlos I avenue, in Leganés, although it also has a headquarters on Madrid street, which is located in Getafe.

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