The 5 Best Geriatric Residences In Valencia

These residences for the elderly are the most recommended on the eastern coast.

Geriatrics in Valencia

Valencia is a Spanish city located in the Valencian Community. Its population is more than 800,000 people, reaching more than one and a half million inhabitants if we take into account its metropolitan area, which is the third largest in Spain behind Madrid and Barcelona.

Geographically, the town is located near the Turia River, located in the Gulf of Valencia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This city on the Levantine coast has an important commercial and tourist activity, thanks to its attractiveness for the wonderful beaches and climate of the region.

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The most recommended geriatric centers in Valencia

If you are looking for a residence for the elderly in the city of Valencia, you are in the right place. In the following article you can find the best rated nursing homes in the city, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

1. Valencian Geriatric Institute

Valencian Geriatric Institute

The Valencian Geriatric Institute is a residence for the elderly that offers places for permanent residents both for people who only need the day center. The center has medical and psychological professionals, as well as an excellent healthcare team that will help the patient with everything they need.

Dynamic activities are also carried out so that residents are cognitively and physically active, through games and different cognitive stimulation activities.

The kitchen of the center is also one of the points to consider. They buy seasonal products from local producers and offer personalized diets based on the needs of each person, supervised by the nutrition team and the medical team.

Depending on the pathologies suffered by each resident, nutritional and pharmaceutical guidelines are established, with the aim that the person feels well, and can lead a normal life with the maximum freedom possible.

  • The residence is located in the well-known Calle Doctor Álvaro López 60, Valencia.

2. Jardines del Parterre Geriatric Center

Parterre Gardens

The Jardines del Parterre Geriatric Center is focused on the care of dependent people, mainly for all those elderly people who need constant care by expert professionals due to physical and mental dependencies.

They have more than 25 years of experience in the treatment and care of the elderly thanks to their residential centers, which gives them the category of experts in the care of elderly residents.

The location of the center is in an unbeatable place, right in the center of Valencia, specifically in the Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo. This means that the residence is perfectly connected to the city, both by road and public transport.

In addition, residents have access to a large number of recreational and cultural activities that take place in the center of the city of Valencia, which allows them to enjoy a more dynamic and entertaining day to day.

They have a total of 23 places for residents, with their own kitchen and dining room service, as well as a wide range of services so that residents feel at home. Its proximity to cinemas, libraries, museums and churches stands out, which can be accessed accompanied by the assistance staff.

The geriatric center team is made up of professionals from different disciplines, including the doctor, psychiatrist, social worker, psychologist, physiotherapy services, nurses, caregivers, cooks and cleaning staff. Each one of them being a fundamental piece for the elderly to feel at home.

  • The center is located in the famous Plaza de la Concordia, 4 Torre II. 46900 Torrent (Valencia).

3. Residence for the Elderly Ballesol Valterna


The Ballesol Valterna Senior Center is a residence for the elderly located in Paterna, Valencia. There you can enjoy an unbeatable environment with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to meet all your needs.

This nursing home has a track record of more than 40 years caring for and serving the elderly.

Food is very important, and even more so when we talk about older people. For this reason, nutritionists work to offer a diet adapted to each person, ensuring their nutrition and hydration, which are essential parts for their physical and mental well-being are adequate.

The center’s priority is to keep all residents in a state of tranquility and comfort, offering a comprehensive solution for each of them.

  • You can find the center located in the city of Paterna, near Valencia.

4. ORPEA residences

The ORPEA residence for the elderly is located in a quiet environment within the city of Valencia, and has excellent facilities and a medical team with a long professional career.

The center is very well connected, so residents can easily access the cinema, parks and gardens that are near the center, always with the accompaniment of specialized personnel.

Both permanent and temporary places are offered for people who have to go through the postoperative period assisted, or who are suffering some kind of problem that disables them for a certain period of time.

The clinic has a specialized service to care for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementias.

This residence has a capacity of 101 places for people with permanent stay, and 15 places for people who only need to access the day center. The transport of the residents of this day center is carried out through vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility .

Diets are followed according to the nutritional needs of each person, which are controlled by the center’s doctors, who continuously monitor the nutrition.

  • The consultation is located at Calle de Sant Josep de Pignatelli, 35, 46025 València.

5. Residence Entre Naranjos

The Entre Naranjos Residence has a history of more than 25 years assisting the elderly and making their lives easier. The goal of this residence has always been to improve the personal well-being and quality of life of its residents.

This is achieved thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals who work every day to make the residents of this center feel at home. A daily and personalized control is carried out on each of the residents to adapt the treatments according to their evolution.

The residential services offered by the residence include accommodation, maintenance, cooking, nutrition, laundry, cleaning services, dentists and hairdressers, among others.

In addition, in terms of specialized care, we find the medical team, nursing, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychology and clinical analysis.

  • The center is located in the town of Riba-roja de Túria (Valencia).

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