The 5 Best Master’s In Clinical Psychology In Barcelona

Several excellent options to specialize in therapeutic practice in the Catalan capital.

Masters of Clinical Psychology in Barcelona

Specializing in the field of clinical and health psychology is an exciting educational journey, but it is not always easy to know which options to choose. There are many ways to complete the training and learning obtained throughout the university career (undergraduate or graduate) in Psychology, and if you do not want to waste time, money and efforts, it is important to hit the mark

In this article we will see a selection of master’s degrees in clinical and health psychology in Barcelona, one of the Spanish cities with the largest university and post-university offer.

The best Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is not only one of the most vibrant urban centers in the Mediterranean; Furthermore, every year thousands of people choose this city to train, something essential to be able to practice psychotherapy professionally. It is true that each person has their own preferences and needs when it comes to continuing to learn, but this city is large enough to host a very varied and complete training offer.

In the following lines you will find several recommended options for masters of clinical psychology in Barcelona. Among them, there is not one that is objectively better than the rest, since the most appropriate choice depends on the professional career that you want to learn (and the educational background that you have), so in each particular case the correct option will vary In any case, it must be remembered that one thing is the scope of what has traditionally been considered the branch of clinical and health psychology, and another is the legally recognized professional category that allows you to practice as a clinical psychologist.

The latter, since the implementation of the degree in Psychology in Spain , is only accessible through the trajectory of the PIR (in Spanish territory), and not through the mere completion of a master. Therefore, the masters that we will see below are to dedicate to this branch of psychology, but today they do not allow obtaining the specific title of clinical psychologist, but rather complement the training necessary to dedicate themselves to psychological and psychoeducational intervention in patients in general.

1. Master in General Health Psychology (UB)

University of Barcelona

This master is an excellent option to learn to treat real cases. Furthermore, the UB is one of the Spanish universities with the most proven prestige throughout its history.

Directed by Professor Adolfo Jarne, this training has all the elements that a future professional in psychotherapy may need: high-quality theoretical training from teachers with extensive experience, and external internships in centers around Barcelona. The Master lasts two full courses and consists of 90 ECT credits.

2. Master’s Degree in Psychological Intervention in Eating Disorders and Obesity (UB)

University of Barcelona

A master specialized in Eating Behavior Disorders that is ideal for those who want to gain experience when it comes to intervening psychologically in patients who present this kind of behavioral disorder, very common today.

It is a training program that takes into account both theory and practice, as well as being designed and taught by one of the best universities in Spain, so it offers all the necessary guarantees to finish it with all the necessary knowledge to apply effective therapeutic and psychoeducational principles in this type of psychological intervention. It consists of 70 ECT credits and lasts one school year.

3. Master’s in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology (UAB)


The perfect option for those who want to work in cases in which the evaluation and orientation of patients in which behavioral alterations associated with neurological injuries are present, and their families. Adopting a clinical perspective, practice is combined with theory based on scientifically obtained knowledge to offer state-of-the-art training based on the latest advances in the field.

4. Master in Drug Addiction (UB)

University of Barcelona

This master, which has both an online and a face-to-face modality at the IL3 Continuous Training Institute in Barcelona, ​​was at the beginning of 1986 the first training program of this type offered not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. Today it continues to be a benchmark when it comes to transmitting the necessary knowledge to apply prevention strategies and psychological intervention by experts in the field.

Its duration is two academic years and consists of 82 ECT credits.

5. Master in Child Clinical Psychopathology (UAB)


This master of 70 ECT credits is based on intervention in clinical child psychopathology in different areas: Behavioral Disorders, Legal and Forensic Psychopathology, Deficiencies and Autism and Emotional Disorders.

On the other hand, it allows training both in the evaluation and clinical interview phase and in psychological intervention and assistance to the families of the children cared for.

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