The 6 Best Coaching Courses In Madrid

A selection of options to train in coaching (or in one of its branches) in the capital of Spain.

Madrid coaching courses

Coaching is a scope of work that broadens the scope of what has traditionally been psychology to also include personal development. That is why many professionals in psychological intervention are interested in gaining experience in this facet of mental well-being, and they go on to specialize in it.

Therefore, in this article we will focus on reviewing coaching courses in Madrid that are recommended.

Coaching courses in Madrid

In the next few lines we will see a selection of coaching courses in Madrid, with a brief explanation about their characteristics and proposals.

1. Own Master in Professional Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and NLP (D’Arte Human & Business School)

D’Arte Human & Business School organizes one of the most interesting specialization programs in coaching for those who seek training in the regulation of emotions, the creation of leadership dynamics, the focus on objectives and the management and formation of teams: the Own Master in Professional Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and NLP Practitioner.

Throughout their classes (whose recordings are posted on the Internet so that they can also review from home), students learn team leadership skills, modulation of emotions so that they are not an obstacle but a valuable asset to develop talent, detection of problems in group work dynamics, assistance to other professionals so that they are able to show their potential, and much more.

This training program is divided into two cycles of 450 and 1050 hours respectively, and its classes are held during weekends. In addition, it includes 40 coaching sessions as an internship, conducted for real clients. On the other hand, the students have a mentor (professional coach) who follows their case, guides them, solves doubts and conducts 6 coaching sessions.

  • The D’Arte Human & Business School center is located at Calle Albasanz nº 38, Madrid.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. Certification Program in Executive Coaching (EEC)


The Certification Program in Executive Coaching of the European School of Coaching is a very good way to learn the fundamentals of coaching for people interested in applying them in the professional field, either in the company where they work or as a professional coach.

This proposal is based on experiential training from the learning of theory and practice through exercises, the latter focused on recreating common situations in the business context.

On the other hand, this training program has the title of ACTP “Accredited Coach Training Program” which is the maximum qualification granted by the International Coach Federation.

The Executive Coaching Certification Program is available in two modalities: face-to-face and intensive, and lasts between 206 and 229 hours, depending on the option chosen. It takes place at various venues of the European School of Coaching, in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

To find out more about this course, you can see the EEC contact details by clicking on this link.

3. Course on Practical Methodology in Sports Psychology and Coaching (UPAD)


This is an excellent option for those who are looking for coaching courses in Madrid that delve into one of the best known facets of this discipline: sports and sports performance. At UPAD they are specialists in the training of coaches, and for this reason they design learning programs based on the experience they have accumulated over the years.

This 5-day course (about 20 hours in total) not only offers an introduction to sports coaching. In addition, they work with practical cases and learn to implement psychological intervention strategies aimed both at improving performance and increasing motivation and well-being. Of course, places are very limited, so if you are interested, you better hurry.

To learn more about the course, click here and you will access UPAD’s contact information.

4. Empower yourself (Human Empowerment) Course

This is an online option proposed by the psychologist and coach Rubén Camacho. In it , the basic psychological and relational processes are intervened in order, from there, to build better professional performance at work and personal performance in relationships and the achievement of objectives.

Aspects of our day to day such as decision-making, emotion regulation, leadership, motivation of others and of oneself, optimization of productivity and many others are those that make up the content of this proposal, all this with the individualized supervision of this professional.

Therefore, this is an advisable option for those who are interested in coaching courses that serve to work elementary skills applied in a multitude of daily situations, both within and outside the field of work and companies.

5. Certification in Business Coach (D’Arte Human & Business School)

A very good option to begin to become familiar with the theory and practice of coaching is this course from D’Arte Human & Business School, based on the exercise of this discipline in companies.

Throughout its 150 hours of duration and its 10 coaching sessions to be carried out as practical exercises, face-to-face learning is combined with study and tests through the Intranet to learn skills and techniques related to team management , the phases of a coaching process, motivation and leadership.

6. International Expert Course in Coaching in Madrid (EFIC)

The Comprehensive Coaching Training School offers a one-year, 300-hour, personal and professional coaching, growth and leadership course, offered entirely online.

The objectives of the course are to train the student as a certified professional coach, offer them tools so that they can apply in their day-to-day professional life and provide a process of learning and development, both personal and professional.

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