The 7 Best Mindfulness Courses In Madrid

Different ways to start and train in Mindfulness in the capital of Spain.

Best Mindfulness courses in Madrid

Mindfulness (or Mindfulness) techniques are part of a philosophy of life that incorporates, among others, the practice of meditation. Fortunately, more and more research is being done on this topic, and that is why new ways of using Mindfulness are being discovered both in personal life and in work and education.

In this article we will review a series of Mindfulness courses taught in Madrid that are recommended and are adapted to different profiles and needs.

The best Mindfulness courses in Madrid

In Madrid there are multiple high quality courses to get started in the practice of Mindfulness. Let’s see how some of the most remarkable are.

1. Course Based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts (Centro Mindfulness Madrid)

With more than 3,000 people trained in mindfulness practices, Centro Mindfulness Madrid is one of the most recommended options that we find in the capital if we seek to introduce ourselves into this practice and philosophy of life.

Among the objectives found in this course we find to reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress, increase our body awareness with the place and the moment, learn to live in the present, improve the control of concentration and learn to have a greater mental balance . It is especially applicable to cases in which there are problems of stress or anxiety, either in personal life or at work. In addition, it is developed and promoted by one of the leading entities in terms of Mindfulness in the Spanish capital: the Madrid Mindfulness Center.

The course is designed to quickly learn the theory and especially the practice, so if you need to get into Mindfulness in a few weeks, this Mindfulness learning program will fit well with what you are looking for.

  • You will find the facilities of the Madrid Mindfulness Center at Calle Gran Vía nº 59.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. Expert Course in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness (D’Arte Human & Business School)

The D’Arte Human & Business School center, one of the great references of the Spanish capital in relation to the training of professionals, runs a highly recommended course for those who want to learn the theory and practice of Mindfulness: the Expert in Intelligence program Emotional and Mindfulness.

This course consists of 450 hours, divided between autonomous study and online learning, and attending classes (on weekends), and also offers the possibility of having an individual mentor who personally guides the student. Practical exercises are also carried out, since all the knowledge shared in this training program is fundamentally practical in nature.

In addition, as its name indicates, the course combines the aspects of Mindfulness with the theoretical-practical foundations of Emotional Intelligence, to recognize emotions and know how to modulate them, something essential in Mindfulness.

On the other hand, D’Arte Human & Business School also carries out a Master in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Happiness, with the option to delve even more deeply into many of these topics.

  • D’Arte Human & Business School is located at Calle Albasanz nº 38.
  • For more information on this and other courses developed by its professionals, click here.

3. 8-week Mindfulness Course (UPAD)

UPAD logo

At UPAD you can find one of the most interesting Mindfulness courses in the capital of Spain.

UPAD is a psychological therapy center made up of professionals specialized in various areas of Psychology. That is why if you are in a situation in which you need to reduce stress and learn Mindfulness techniques to improve the control of your emotions, in this center you will find a high-quality course with which to introduce you to these practices.

It should be added that the number of places is limited to 10, and is taught by the instructor Rubén González Monreal, who has an official certificate as a Mindfulness trainer and is a personal resource advisor. Due to his experience and training, Ruben González is one of the most recommended professionals to exercise as a meditation and mindfulness trainer.

The place where this course is taught is the Eurocess Business Center, which is located at 27 Rey Francisco Street.

  • To see the UPAD contact details and request more information about this course, click here.

4. Training to companies in emotional regulation through Mindfulness (Psynergy)


The Psinergia psychotherapy center has a line of services specifically designed for companies interested in training their employees through short sessions in a single working day. Among the contents it offers is the Mindfulness training program to learn to better modulate emotions.

In these courses, two psychologists teach the theoretical-practical foundations of Mindfulness to manage stress and take advantage of the potential of emotions as motivational forces, in sessions lasting about 5 hours.

  • If you are interested in this course and want to know more, you will find Psinergia’s contact information through this link.

5. Psychomeditation workshop (Adhara Psychology)

Adhara Psychology

The Adhara Psychology center , located in the Salamanca district and directed by the psychologist Sandra García Sánchez-Beato, is another recommended option to consider.

Carried out in small groups of up to 8 people and from the approach of integrative humanistic psychology influenced by eastern philosophies, this training program allows people without previous experience in meditation or Mindfulness to learn the theoretical and applied fundamentals to the experience of “giving oneself account”.

  • To see more information about Adhara Psychology and its workshops, access this page.

6. Kadampa Meditation Center

Every Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. you can find the Kadampa Meditation Center one minute from the San Bernardo metro stop. This option to train in Mindfulness in Madrid is characterized by putting all the emphasis on each student and apprentice feeling fully guided at all times.

The classes are offered by Goyo del Campo, an expert in Buddhist meditation and a teacher of mindfulness. In these different weekly sessions, aspects such as meditation are reviewed to grow as a person, to mature in love, to manage stress and to increase our capacity for empathy.

7. Meditaya

Alberto Ramirez Ruiz teaches in Meditaya one of the most recommended Mindfulness courses in the Madrid community. You can find it on Villanueva street, and the trainings take place from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

In addition, once these trainings are finished, a satsang is performed to be able to talk in depth about the various aspects of meditation and mindfulness. On the other hand, Alberto Ramírez has more than 10 years of experience in the world of meditation, so his solvency in it is more than proven.

The benefits of Mindfulness

Why is it useful to train in Mindfulness whether you work in psychotherapy or in any other profession linked to intervention or in groups, such as education or business? Let’s see what Mindfulness brings.

1. Improved anxiety management

This is one of the main objectives of Mindfulness: to influence people’s ability to modulate the power that stress has on their bodies.

2. Focus on what really matters

Mindfulness is fundamentally attentional focus management. Therefore, it helps to focus on the present and not give too much prominence to problems that only exist in our minds.

3. Helps regulate emotions

As a consequence of the above, Mindfulness is a great help to get emotions to work in our favor, and not against us.

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