The 7 Best Public Speaking Courses In Barcelona

Selection of public speaking courses in Barcelona, ​​created to improve communication skills.

Public speaking courses in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain, being a first-rate tourist destination, and with a wide artistic, gastronomic and cultural heritage that you can perceive just by walking through its streets.

With a population of more than 1.5 million inhabitants, being the second city with the largest number of inhabitants behind Madrid, Barcelona is one of the urban centers with the most dynamic economy in Spain. That is why it has many specialized services.

In this case we are going to focus on the training sector and we will see a selection of the best public speaking courses in Barcelona, with several recommendations to learn to speak better in talks, project presentations, conferences, etc.

The most recommended public speaking training courses in Barcelona

If you want to improve your public speaking and are looking for a course to improve your skills, you are in the right place. In this article you will find the best public speaking courses that you can find in the city of Barcelona.

1. Mental Area

Mental Area

Mental Area is a psychological care center that also conducts interesting courses in the field of public speaking and social skills. Their training programs are primarily aimed at improving communication skills and fighting stage fright that so many people have when it comes to speaking in public.

In the public speaking courses you will find a training where the methods based on psychology and neuroscience are combined, so that you are able to communicate clearly and effectively, improving eloquence and persuasion in your presentations.

  • The center is located in Carrer de Sants, nº 316, mezzanine 08028 Barcelona.
  • On this page you can see their contact details.



CEGOS presents an innovative course to learn to communicate effectively in presentations and exhibitions that are so important in today’s world, where being able to transmit and communicate ideas is fundamental.

In this course you will find excellent material to prepare your presentations through a method with simple techniques that will allow you to overcome your fears and successfully communicate your ideas and projects.

3. Esneca


Esneca is a business school in Barcelona that has a specialized postgraduate degree in public speaking, which is focused on professionals who have to improve their communication skills for the development of work activities.

In this course you will find all the necessary material to overcome the fear of public speaking, to communicate your presentations with assertiveness, and to carry out persuasive communication with which to capture the public’s attention.

4. Jordi Gràcia

Jordi Gràcia is an excellent communicator with extensive experience in the media, working as a collaborator on TV3, on the radio, and having held many conferences throughout all these years.

It offers a course both face-to-face and online, so you can choose the format that best suits your needs, where you will find high-quality material with which to significantly improve your communication skills in public.

  • Its training center can be found in carrer de Provença, nº 569, Barcelona.

5. Yos Coaching

Yos Coaching is a training center specialized in providing the right tools so that you can perfect your communication and public speaking skills, so that your presentations and meetings are more productive.

It is a progressive course where you start with the simplest techniques of personal presentation and presentation, until you reach the most advanced level, incorporating elements that will make a difference.

6. European School of Speech

The European School of Speech, also known as EEO, is a training center specialized in communication and public speaking that has some of the most recognized professionals in this field.

The objective of the course is to improve the communication skills of the attendees, so that the presentations carried out in meetings with clients, suppliers or with people from the same company are effective.

7. Speakerslab

Speakerslab is a center where you can improve your communication skills to achieve better results in the professional and personal field, taking the techniques of persuasion, non-verbal communication and attention to the next level.

The way we communicate says a lot about us. Confidence in ourselves and the feelings we project when making a presentation can significantly affect your personal and work results. In this course you will learn all the techniques to communicate effectively.

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