The 75 Most Famous Phrases Of Virgilio

We review the best famous quotes of this Roman poet, author of The Aeneid.

Virgilio phrases

Publio Virgilio Marón, better known simply as Virgilio, was a Roman poet famous for having written The Aeneid, the Bucolic and the Georgian. He also had an important role in the work of Dante Alighieri, where Virgilio guided him in his descent into hell.

The works of this writer were admired and studied since their beginnings in antiquity, but it was in the Middle Ages when some of his works were even considered prophetic, believing that in one of his works, the writer had come to predict the birth of Christ.

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Reflections and phrases of Virgilio

For all those who do not know the literary work of this writer, we have compiled the 75 most relevant phrases of Virgilio so that you can begin to discover it.

1. The time to live is short and irreparable for everyone.

Life has a certain amount of time and this time is never recovered.

2. In small bodies very large souls stir.

Someone who is small in size can have a huge personality.

3. Odd numbers are pleasing to the gods.

Do you think that some numbers are luckier than others? Virgilio thought so.

4. Now the forests are covered with leaves; now the year is in its most beautiful season.

Spring is possibly the most beautiful season of the whole year.

5. Who could cheat on a lover?

A lover is something in itself secret, forbidden and possibly quite susceptible to being betrayed.

6. Without delay and without rest.

We must carry out the tasks quickly, without wasting time.

7. The descent to Averno is easy and smooth; Dite’s doors are wide open night and day. But take a step back and see the sky again. That is a difficult task and endeavor!

Going down to hell can be relatively easy, the difficult thing is once inside to be able to leave.

8. Our race is resistant because of its lineage.

Virgilio speaks in many of his works about mythological beings of all kinds.

9. Do not bow down to adversity; rather boldly oppose it as much as your luck permits.

We carve out our own future for ourselves, we must not let problems bend us.

10. I discover the embers of the old passion.

The writing of this writer was undoubtedly very poetic.

11. Love conquers everything; So let us also give in to love ourselves.

Love is one of the greatest forces that can move the human being.

12. Outside of myself I wield weapons and once with them in hand, I lack the necessary prudence.

In order to carry out great feats, we must consequently be armed.

13. Happy is he who knows the country gods!

In ancient Rome they needed all the help possible to make their gardens fertile.

14. It is not lawful to trust when the gods are adverse.

Formerly it was believed that a bad omen was a sufficient sign not to act in a certain way.

15. Be suspicious of the Danaos, even when they approach with their hands full of gifts.

In Greek mythology, Danaus was the brother of Egypt, sons of the Nile, and grandsons of Poseidon.

16. We leave the confines of our homeland and our beloved fields.

In order to have adventures, we must leave our home and comfort zone.

17. It is not Fate that overwhelms us. Mortal we are and mortal is the enemy that haunts us. Lives and hands we have as many as he.

In any battle we are as deadly as our enemies, we must not be afraid of them.

18. Let’s start with Jupiter, O Muses! All things are filled with Jupiter.

Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods, named after Zeus in Greek mythology.

19. A new great sequence of centuries is born now.

Time never stops, it moves on changing everything that is around us.

20. Hear now the treacherous deceptions of the Danaos, and a single example of their crimes warn you of the others.

The Danaans were, according to the Iliad, part of the troops that managed to deceive the Trojans, thus being able to conquer the famous city.

21. For the defeated there is no other salvation than despairing of salvation.

When soldiers were defeated in battle, they knew they would die irretrievably.

22. They can, because they believe they can.

If we are fully determined to do something, our decision will help us make it happen.

23. Hard work and need goaded by adversity overcomes everything.

With work, effort and perseverance, we will succeed in our mission.

24. Wars! Terrible wars!

Wars are a terrible thing for all the peoples who suffer them.

25. Intelligence moves matter.

Intelligence can allow us to create everything we can imagine.

26. Oh, young people! What force impels you to seek unknown paths?

When we are young, it is the best time to explore the world and go on adventures.

27. Do not leave the coast … Leave the high seas to others.

Skirting the coast is a much safer way to navigate.

28. Fear discovers ignoble souls.

Fear is a feeling that can paralyze us and greatly diminish our abilities.

29. Is dying so miserable?

We will all die at some point, it is the law of life. It can be very difficult to deal with the death of a loved one or a family member, but it is something that unfortunately we cannot avoid.

30. Begin now, child, to recognize your mother with a smile.

The first thing a newborn sees is always its mother, one of the most beautiful moments a mother can experience.

31. Ah, if Jupiter would bring back the years already past!

Who wouldn’t want to be young again? This writer would have loved it.

32. Easy is the descent into hell.

Committing sins and for them going down to hell can be something quite easy to do.

33. Poverty spurs in the midst of adverse circumstances.

In ancient times, poverty was something that was found everywhere.

34. While the king lives, harmony is absolute in all; once that one is gone, harmony is broken.

Our leaders largely dictate the quality of life we ​​perceive in our society.

35. There are two doors of the Dream, one of which they say is made of corneal matter, through which the true spectra can easily escape; the other shines with white ivory, but because of it the Manes send false dreams upward.

In this quote, Virgil makes reference to the entrances and exits of Hades, the underworld for the Greeks. An entrance door and an exit door.

36. But meanwhile time flees; irreparably flees.

Time is slowly slipping away from us, every second that passes will never happen again.

37. Whatever happens, dangers and salvation will be one and the same for both of us.

Staying with those we love is something we should all do in our life.

38. Rise from my ashes an avenger!

The death of a loved one can provoke a great deal of feelings in those close to you, even provoking a feeling of revenge.

39. Vice thrives and lives by covering it up.

Many people hide their vices and over time they become stronger.

40. What has to happen will happen.

We cannot stop the inevitable, as Virgilio tells us in this quote.

41. How happy the peasants would be if they knew that they are happy!

In order to be happy we must allow ourselves to be happy.

42. Your honor, your name and your glory will endure forever.

A great date to say goodbye to that person who was great in life.

43. Luck helps the bold.

Luck is always a factor to take into account, but being brave it will help us to a much greater extent.

44. Meanwhile, the dawn had brought its pure light to the wretched, bringing them toil and toil again.

Life can be very hard for certain people, you never know what the new day will bring.

45. The spirit remains unshakable and lets the tears flow in vain.

We must never lose our spirit and enthusiasm, we must be true to our way of being.

46. ​​Small is the field of work, but glory is not small.

Even the simplest tasks can bring us great victories, we must not belittle anything or anyone.

47. Even virtue is more beautiful in a beautiful body.

Physical beauty is something that throughout history has been known to value, the canons of beauty have been, therefore, very different with the passage of time.

48. I do not feel envy, but rather admiration.

We should rejoice at the achievements of others, we should not feel any envy for them.

49. Oh, how happy the farmer would be if he appreciated the goods of his state!

The state owes a lot to its peasants, it owes its well-being and future to them.

50. Dismal love, to what things do you not rush the human heart!

Love can make us commit acts that we later regret.

51. Find your old mother.

All beings come to the end and end of the same mother nature.

52. The gods also lived in the forests.

In ancient times it was believed that the gods inhabited forests, lakes and mountains.

53. I knew that puppies are similar to dogs, and rearings, to lambs; And so he used to compare the big with the small.

Every living being is in its beginnings or youth a miniature version of itself.

54. Even if I had a hundred mouths and a hundred tongues, and my voice was made of iron, I could not enumerate all the forms of crime.

Crimes can be committed in a thousand different ways, new crimes are continually being created in the world.

55. Far, far from here, profane vulgar!

Virgilio shows us in this quote his disenchantment with certain parts of society.

56. Destiny will find its way.

Whatever happens, we will eventually reach our own destination. It is inevitable.

57. What is there not to drag human hearts, oh execrable hunger for gold?

The desire for wealth leads men to commit the most vile crimes, greed is very harmful in our lives.

58. A hidden wound lives within the chest.

Emotional damage causes wounds that can take a long time to heal.

59. If it is legal to compare the small with the large.

The size is something that always carries negative and positive aspects, depending on the way we look at it.

60. Be firm and keep yourselves for better days.

At the beginning of any battle the soldier had to stand his ground and hope for the best possible result.

61. Everyone trusts himself.

Our personal capabilities can be a decisive factor, allowing us to come to fruition in the most difficult situations.

62. Not all of us can do everything.

The greatest feats can only be accomplished by a few men in the world.

63. The fates call us.

In this quote, Virgilio tells us about his famous fates, a type of divinities that refer in the real world to the coincidences of life.

64. I am not to make a distinction between Tyrians and Trojans.

Tyrians and Trojans were enemies to each other, Virgilio wants to tell us in this quote that he is indifferent to the victory of either of them.

65. How is it possible that such great anger fits in heavenly spirits?

Anger can be a very difficult emotion to control and can lead to making big mistakes.

66. Human things move to tears, and their ills touch the heart.

The human being has always gone through great calamities and disasters since its appearance.

67. Admire and extol vast possessions, but cultivate a small inheritance.

We must focus on what we have, we must not focus on the goods of others.

68. It is beautiful to die fighting.

The death that every soldier would wish for himself.

69. Woman is always a variable and fickle thing.

Relationships between men and women have always been stormy since ancient times.

70. This is the place of shadows, of dreams and of the night full of torments.

Death will overtake us all and we will arrive at this place, where we will finally rest.

71. Does the violent passion of each person have to be his god?

Our passions and emotions largely direct our own future.

72. Each one is carried away by his own pleasures.

Our pleasures can get us into more than one problem in life, we must be cautious in their enjoyment.

73. A few appear swimming in the vast sea.

There will always be certain people who, against all odds, will succeed.

74. Happy is he who has come to know the causes of things!

Knowledge and wisdom allow us to live a much fuller life.

75. Each one has his day marked. Brief and irreparable is the time allotted to your life!

We will all die when our time comes, we must make the most of our time.

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