The 80 Weirdest Words In Spanish (and Their Meaning)

The rarest words in the Spanish language, explained from summarized definitions.

The 80 weirdest words in Spanish

Ludwig Wittgenstein, a well-known Austrian philosopher, once said that the limits of a language are the limits of the world itself and, since Spanish is a language with about 80,000 words, it was clear that it was not going to be the exception.

Today we are going to see the 80 weirdest words in Spanish and their meaning, which, however many they may seem, are just a small sample of all the surprisingly little used rich lexicon of our language. Let’s learn them.

The 80 weirdest words in Spanish, explained

Below you will find, in alphabetical order, the meaning of 80 very rare words in Spanish that, sure, will not leave anyone indifferent.

1. Abuhado

Said of those people who have an appearance reminiscent of an owl or similar bird.

2. Sauce

Act of salting meats and putting them in the air. Action of converting a meat product into jerky.

3. Agigolado

Adjective, typical of the province of Segovia, used to describe someone who, when doing something with a little effort, feels that they are drowning and perceive pressure on their chest.

4. Alveo

The mother of a natural hydrographic feature, usually a stream or river.

5. Tree

It is the effect of the sunlight when projected on the morning and afternoon clouds, which gives them reddish tones

6. Bahorrina

Set of many disgusting things that have been thrown into water, which has become dirty. It also means a group of rude and mean people.

7. Bonhomie

Affability, simplicity, kindness and honesty of character.

8. Hinge

Hybrid between a horse and a donkey.

9. Cagaprisas

Person who is impatient, who is always in a hurry.

10. Cloudscape

When clouds of different textures can be seen in the sky, forming a colorful horizon at sunset or sunrise.

11. Conflict

Act of causing a conflict in someone or something. It also means experiencing an internal conflict or concern that can cause behavior to change.

12. Poor

Weakening, exhausting physically or morally, either oneself or towards another person.

13. Dissolve

Dissolve something, solid or pasty, in a liquid.

14. Dejection

Defecation of excrement.

15. Ebúrneo

Made of ivory or a material that looks like it.

16. Junction

Family relationship between people who share a common lineage trunk.

17. Smegma

Secretion of the preputial glands. Thicker part of the semen.

18. Falcado

Which has a curvature similar to that of a sickle.

19. Pharmacopoeia

Repertoire or book of medicinal recipes, these can be both drugs and phytotherapeutics.

20. Ful

Faso, failed, possessing little value.

21. Garambaina

Tasteful adornment or objects that are nonsense. It also means gestures in bad taste

22. Garlito

Fishing tool which consists of a pot in the narrowest part of which has a net with which to catch the fish.

23. Gaznápiro

Silly, peasant, person who gets into anything with anything.

24. Haiga

Large and ostentatious car, such as a limousine, a luxury SUV or a private bus.


25. Heresiarch

Who promotes a heresy, who lights the spark in an act against a religion or

26. Hermeneut

Person who interprets texts, usually of a religious or ethical nature, to establish their true meaning.

27. Histrion

Theater actor. Also referred to for those people who express themselves with the characteristic way of a person who is overacting.

28. Idiotism

Giro or linguistic expression that does not conform to the grammar rules.

29. Unfading

Said of a vegetable that cannot wither.

30. Isagoge

Introduction, preamble.

31. Jerapellina

Old and ragged dress, piece of cloth that cannot give more of itself.

32. Jerigonza

Language of some unions, that is, specialized vocabulary in a certain professional field.

33. Jipiar

Moan, hiccup, whine. It also means singing with a voice similar to that of a groan.

34. Joyel

Little gem.

35. Labarus

Banner that was used by the ancient Romans. It is also the name of the monogram formed by the cross and the first two letters of the Greek name of Christ.

36. Lobanillo

A woody lump that forms on the bark of trees. It also has its human version, which consists of a superficial, usually painless lump that forms on the head and other parts of the body.

37. Limerence

Crazy Love. Involuntary mental state in which the attraction of one person to another prevents him from thinking rationally.

38. Melifluous

Excessively sweet, soft or delicate sound.

39. Mondo

Said of something that is clean and free of extra, added or superfluous things.

40. Nadir

Point of the celestial sphere diametrically opposite to the zenith.

41. Nefando

Something that causes disgust or horror when it is spoken of. Something that is abominable and disgusting in equal measure.

42. Nefelibata

Dreamer person, who is in the wrong and remains isolated from how harsh and cruel this world is.

43. Nubile

Said of a person, especially a woman, who is of marriageable age.

44. Ñengo

Weak, skinny, wasteful person.

45. Ñomblón

Said of a very fat person, with good buttocks.

46. ​​Ñuzco

One of the names that refers to the Devil or prince of the angels of evil.

47. Ochavo

Synonym of eighth, used to refer to an eighth of something. It is also used to indicate that something has little value. In ancient times it was a Spanish copper coin weighing one eighth of an ounce.

48. Oilseed

Synonymous with oily, with oil texture.

49. Pray

Person who is not in full psychic faculties, who has lost his mind.

50. Petricor

Smell that the earth gives off when it has been wet by raindrops.

51. Wail

Moan and cry in such a way that others hear you. Sob and cry out.

52. Patibular

Said of someone or something that, because of its disgusting appearance, produces great fright and horror.

53. Patochada

Nonsense, said of something foolish, nonsense.

54. Picio

Said of someone who has had the misfortune of being excessively ugly.

55. Hardware

Set of metallic objects, with little value. It could be scissors, imitation jewelry, damaged car parts …

56. Recipient

Person who is solemnly received by the institution who receives it.

57. gloating

Delight in the mishap of others, act of rejoicing over the misfortune of others.

58. Regnicola

Natural inhabitant of a kingdom. Also said of who writes about the special things of his country, such as penal codes, national habits, culture in general.

59. reprobate

Condemned to eternal punishment. Also said of one who is condemned for his religious heterodoxy.

60. Knowledge

A word used to be synonymous with flavor. It was also used to refer to a joke or joke.

61. Sapenco

Common transverse brown striped land snail of southern Europe.

62. Everlasting

Said of something that will last forever. Something that has a beginning, but not an end.

63. Serendipity

Finding, which was not planned, which has turned out to be something fortunate despite the fact that something else was being sought.

64. Trabzon

Quarrel with voices or actions. It also means agitation of the sea, formed by tiny waves that intersect in various directions.

65. Figurehead

Person who lends his name in a contract that, in reality, it would be up to someone else to sign.

66. Tremolo

Musical concept that describes a rapid succession of repetitions of the same note.

67. Undying

Said of something that is very fertile and abundant.

68. Uchronia

Utopia applied to history. Counterfactual reconstruction of a historical event, in a way that in the end it was not.

69. Uebos

Word, now in disuse, which means a need or task.

70. Only begotten

Person who is an only child.

71. Vagido

Moaning or crying of a newborn.

72. Verbigracia

Synonym of eg.

73. Vituper

Insult, slander or infamy that provokes the action of having offended someone.

74. Vulpino

Word used to designate everything that is related to foxes.

75. Xerophytic

Said about those vegetables that are adapted by their structure to dry environments.

76. Xerophthalmia

Eye disease in which there is dryness of the eyeball and retraction of the conjunctiva, in addition to opacity of the cornea.

77. Xeromicteria

Dryness of the nasal mucosa.

78. Zaino

Traitor, false, unsafe in the deal.

79. Jiggle

Being constantly moving from one place to another without any purpose.

80. Zonzo

Bland, bland and tasteless. Also said to refer to someone or something that turns out to be pretty silly.

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