The 9 Best Geriatric Residences In Leganés

Care centers and care for the elderly that have a presence in Leganés.


With almost 200,000 inhabitants, Leganés is one of the most important cities in the Community of Madrid, and this is evident in its economic dynamism.

In fact, this municipality has a wide variety of specialized services, attended by many of the inhabitants who reside in this region of the Spanish interior. In this case we are going to focus on the elderly care sector and we will see a selection of the best Geriatric Residences in Leganés, recommended places for those who have already entered old age.

The most recommended Ceriatric Centers in Leganés

Here you will find a selection of the best senior care centers in Leganés, the most important and recommended, each with a small description about what it offers.

1. Valdeluz Residence

At the Valdeluz Residence, all the comforts are available for the well-being of the resident in a recently built complex, with smart televisions in each room, private bathrooms, bright common areas and large terraces where you can rest or walk.

In addition to 24-hour medical care, the center offers a rehabilitation service, specialized care for neurodegenerative diseases, and an excellent food service prepared by the center itself.

  • The Valdeluz Residence can be found at Calle de Los Frailes, number 17.

2. Amavir El Encinar-Leganés Residence


The Amavir El Encinar-Leganés Residence is a center founded in 1996 and consisting of three different floors according to the level of dependency of its residents, where they will receive specialized care, based on humanity and the empathy of the professional.

In addition to the best social health care service, in this residence you can enjoy a visiting room, a gym and rehabilitation room, a library, common areas and an outdoor garden where you can walk and sunbathe. It has fully adapted facilities to cater for people with special needs related to old age.

  • You will find this residence on Avenida Constitución de Cádiz, number 5.

3. Residence for the Elderly Leganés DomusVi


The Leganés DomusVi Senior Residence is a residential complex in which we will find all kinds of rooms to make life easier for residents, of which we highlight the visiting rooms for family members, a library, a gym, several terraces and an outdoor garden free.

A large team of professionals will offer the best health care services 24 hours a day, a nursing service, a psychology service, as well as a nutritional control service, sociocultural animation and occupational therapy.

  • You will find this residence on Calle de César García Contonente, number 6.

4. Vitalia Leganés

The Vitalia Leganés nursing home and day care is one of the best equipped centers for the care of the elderly that we can find in that city. Founded in 2003, it is perfectly communicated and has large patios and garden areas for the enjoyment of its residents.

The center’s professionals are specialized in offering permanent and comprehensive health care, as well as a pharmacy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation service, psychology, family care service and occupational therapy.

  • You will find this residence on Avenida María Moliner, number 7, Leganés.

5. Parque de los Frailes Residence

In the Parque de los Frailes residence and day center you can also find an excellent geriatric care service for elderly people in situations of dependency or who have any other specific need.

The main services offered at the center are detailed gerontological care, especially aimed at rehabilitation and enhancing the autonomy of residents and their ability to carry out activities of daily living.

  • You will find the center on Calle de Los Frailes, number 12

6. Alcorcón Residential Center

The professionals of the Alcorcón Residential Center offer all kinds of comprehensive care services for those seniors who decide to stay in the center.

Thus, some of these services are individualized medical care, application of specific interventions for each resident through a program of cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation, and a service of socio-cultural animation activities.

  • This center is located on Avenida Polvoranca, s / n, in Alcorcón.

7. Amavir Getafe Residence

Inaugurated in 2004, the Amavir Getafe Residence has all the necessary requirements to offer the best geriatric care services to anyone who needs it.

With an offer of 180 residential places, and an excellent team of professionals, the center also has bright rooms, terraces where you can rest or sunbathe and a large outdoor garden.

  • You will find this residence on Calle Islas Canarias, number 162, in Getafe.

8. Campodón Geriatric Center

A multidisciplinary team of professionals works at the Campodón Geriatric Center with an experience of more than 25 years in the field of geriatrics.

Its main objective will be to provide a comprehensive care service for the resident and make them feel at home thanks to a respectful, empathetic work and also to the comfort of the center’s facilities.

  • This center is located on Calle Prado s / n, Urbanización Campodón, in Alcorcón.

9. Amavir Alcorcón Residence

The Amavir Alcorcón Senior Residence has modern facilities that will make life easier for residents and provide well-being during their stay. Among the most noteworthy we find a gym, a library, an assembly hall and two terraces.

An excellent team of multidisciplinary professionals will offer exhaustive attention to our loved one, in a close and respectful way. Among these services we can highlight a 24-hour medical service, psychology service, physiotherapy, alternative therapies, occupational therapy and sociocultural animation.

  • This residence is located at Calle Gabriela Mistral, number 4.

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