The Best Articles On Psychology Of 2014

A compilation of the most visited articles on psychology by readers in 2014.

The best articles on Psychology during 2014

This 2014 is coming to an end and, with the imminent arrival of the end of the year, it seems that there is something that prompts us to look back and make a recapitulation of the achievements achieved. Why weren’t we going to do the same in Psychology and Mind ? In our case, of course, we will only talk about those articles on psychology for which readers have shown a greater interest. By clicking on each title you can access each of the articles. 

And yes, we could say that our degrees in psychology allow us to read the minds of readers, but the truth is that we manage to measure this type of thing through the magic of web statistics . While what follows these lines is actually a skewed recap of the most popular articles (Psychology and Mind is not yet its first year of life) some patterns can already be seen … the reader loves lists!

1- 7 psychological signs that show that you are not getting enough sleep (read 119,890 times so far)

Judging by the time we spend sleeping year after year, it is easy to assume the importance that a good rest has in our lives. Although a lifestyle based on the “here and now” can lead to underestimating the rest time (“sleeping is like wasting time”, some may think), the value of these hours of apparent inactivity is noticed, and much, in the symptoms of a person who does not spend much time sleeping. Reading this article can serve, among other things, to convince yourself how important it is to sleep.

2-  What music do intelligent people listen to? (118,921 reads)

Intelligence, leisure, controversy and pop culture: it is normal for this type of study to generate interest. Although the conception of  intelligence is more than debatable and disputed, it is still striking that there is a remarkable correlation between academic success and a taste for  music made by and for Western people of the middle or upper class. ¿ Cultural bias ? Find out for yourself.

3-  Consumer psychology: the 10 psychological tricks that restaurants use to charge you more (44,698)

There is an old rule that some people say: if someone can do something to take advantage of his neighbor, so har to . This rule seems easily applicable in the realm of private interests, and this little article is a sample of it. Restaurant owners know them all, and do not hesitate to use little tricks that, although they go unnoticed, end up pushing them to spend more money.

4-  8 popular psychological myths that already have a scientific explanation (24,928)

Psychology is a very complex realm of knowledge in which it is difficult to reach satisfactory conclusions from experience. Perhaps this is why the study of the psyche is fertile ground for unfounded ideas, fanciful explanations, and wrong conclusions. In this article published in the month of May, some of these myths are reviewed.

5-  10 psychological phenomena that will surprise you (24,781)

A quick review of the “ABC” of some of the concepts and premises that are worked on from Psychology. Hallucinations, self-delusions of the mind, some secondary effect of fantasizing. .. Facts about our behavior that will not leave you indifferent. And it seems that the brain is guided by a different logic than ours, right?

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