‘the Magic Elixirs’, A Multidisciplinary Recipe For Emotional Well-being

A new proposal by Michael Handel and Ediciones Urano on happiness.

Michael Handel is a Doctor in Economics –specialized in Sociology, Psychology and Motivation– with complementary studies in Nutritional Sciences. His consultant Dr. Handel Consulting has been advising managers and their teams of successful international companies for 30 years. He currently resides between Stuttgart (Germany) and Alicante (Spain).

Happiness is the key to health, success, and a long life. Happiness is the best doctor and counselor. —Michael Handel

Interview with Michael Handel, author of “The Magic Elixirs”

With his new editorial proposal, “Los elixires magicos”, by Ediciones Urano, Handel brings together his knowledge in different scientific disciplines to talk about well-being and happiness.

Bertrand Regader: What does a book about happiness bring to people?

Michael Handel: A lot. Happiness can work real miracles. Whoever is happy has a stronger immune system, gets sick less often and heals faster. Happy people have a more positive aura, are more satisfied, and attract success. Happiness slows down the aging process, has positive effects on our weight, and keeps us mentally fit. Therefore, is there anything better than a book that can make us happier?

BR: The magic elixirs was published in Spain in March by the prestigious Editorial Urano, and it is having a lot of success. What do you think is the reason for this interest that it has aroused among readers?

MH: Maybe it is simply because it is a book written for anyone who wants to enjoy life and, according to my readers, it makes people happy already while reading. One of my readers told me: “This book is like eating chocolate. It melts pleasantly in your mouth, and makes you want more. More happiness, more health, enjoy life more ”. This has a contagious effect, and word is spreading fast.

BR: But can everyone be happy?

MH: Of course it is. Because our body has the incredible ability to find balance and happiness on its own, if we have a positive attitude towards life and we eat properly. And precisely this is what distinguishes this book from the rest of the  traditional self-help books : the combination of wisdoms of life and nutritional advice of The Magic Elixies is an infallible formula, easy to put into practice, nothing theoretical and with a lot of common sense. .

Science and philosophy in pursuit of happiness

BR: Who is this book for?

MH: To anyone who wants to be happy, without stress or pressure, who wants to finally find a solution to their health problems and who wants to feel really good. To anyone who does not want to make life miserable and seek advice that really works. With this book, everyone can learn the art of living. And suddenly things will happen that previously seemed impossible.

BR: You are a business advisor. How did you come up with writing a book about happiness and health?

MH: The answer is very simple. Happiness is the sign that we are on the right path, both in private and professional life. In all my projects as a consultant I have always seen that much more can be achieved with happy people than with  stressed and  anxious people. With people who are happy you can literally “move mountains”. For more than 30 years, I have researched the secrets of people who are especially happy and in excellent health around the world. I wrote this book so that all my readers, and not just my clients, can benefit from the knowledge I have gained.

BR: What is the art of being happy about?

MH: On the one hand it consists of enjoying the good things in everyday life and constantly discovering new sensations and activities and, on the other hand, accepting the challenges, difficulties and crises of life, and taking it as an invitation for our personal growth. Happiness also depends on what we do for our personal well-being and how we solve our illnesses. And happiness can even be eaten. It is incredible all that nature offers us to be happier through food.

BR: So happiness is born in the mind and in the stomach?

MH: That’s right. Our attitude towards life and our diet are the decisive factors to achieve happiness. And when it comes to our health, we are not at the mercy of our genes. Only about 30% of our future is genetically determined. The rest we have in our own hands.

BR: And do you describe in this book how to achieve it?

MH: Yes. The book is divided into three fun parts that show the way and provide examples and amazing ideas that each of us can put into practice. The first part is about happiness. Here we learn what really makes us happy, and how we can increase our sense of happiness through food. One of the most important factors to be happy is health. So the second part is dedicated to topics such as obesity, sleep disorders, headaches and back pain, stomach and intestinal problems, depression, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Many of these diseases can be prevented with simple measures, significantly alleviated, or even cured. The third part deals with well-being, optimism, and its enemies: stress and anxiety; on how to stay active and grow older by staying young. And all this without chemistry. Each chapter has a part dedicated to the mind and another to the stomach, that is, to food. And at the end of each topic there is a short and clear summary to find the information quickly whenever it is needed, so that the book becomes a good friend that accompanies us in the different stages of our life.

BR: And did you, as the author of the book, find it easier to find your own happiness after writing it?

MH: Without a doubt. Reading and reflecting on happiness, and observing other people, really brought happiness to me too. Each and every one of us is responsible for our own happiness and we can decide whether or not to give our well-being a chance. I am a happy person and also (or perhaps precisely because of that) I am healthy. But I know how quickly that can change. If that happened, I would grab my own book and surely find the right recipe for happiness.

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