The Origin Of Insecurity: How To Overcome It

How can we manage our insecurities to prevent them from becoming a problem?

The origin of insecurity: how to overcome it

Throughout our lives it is common to feel insecure, especially in new situations (back to school, taking on a new job, being afraid of facing challenges of which we do not know if we will have all the capabilities) and especially in personal relationships, are social or couple (fear, jealousy, lack of assertiveness or to set limits, etc.). What does insecurity lead us to?

Insecurity is an emotion, sensation and also an interpretation of reality that we find unpleasant, paralyzed and anguish. However, the problem is not insecurity itself. In this article I am going to explain to you what that insecurity really is, what is its origin, and above all, how you can overcome it to live a more harmonious life, where you live based on trust, acceptance and insecurity.

Insecurity as a form of fear

Thinking that insecurity is a problem may really be the problem. Insecurity, as well as any emotion or state of mind, is something necessary and useful if it is managed in a functional way.

Imagine that you are driving a car in a completely unknown city. It is logical and adaptive to feel more insecure. What is the most common cause of car accidents? Too much security.

Insecurity is an emotion and feeling that tells you that you think you do not have enough capabilities or courage to face something, as if your well-being or safety did not depend on you. In a sense, insecurity is a form of fear, as it makes you fear the possible consequences. But is it really a fear or functional insecurity?

Insecurity should not be overcome, but you have to learn to understand and manage it. When insecurity dominates your life, that is the result of not having understood and functionally managed your emotions. In this way, insecurity dominates you and governs your life, when you are not really facing situations that are really a problem or dangerous. How to learn to understand and manage it? What are you really afraid of? To what extent are these fears a danger or are they only part of your interpretation of what is happening or are they born from that own insecurity? Everything is based on going to the root of the problem.

What to do to manage insecurity from its source?

Feeling insecure at certain times in our life is part of our human nature. The important thing is that it does not condition your life beyond a few seconds. Insecurity should help you to know yourself and what steps you can take and what not, but never paralyze you.

Changing that situation always implies living a process of managing emotions, since it is from there that we manage to deepen those insecurities, understand them, not react to them and apply in your life a series of different actions that lead you to build a life with greater acceptance and enthusiasm.

To live a process of managing emotions you first need to have the commitment, the company, and above all the illusion. At Empoderamiento you can take the first step for free from Get Excited, where you can begin to understand your emotions and know how to manage them.

In short, insecurity appears in our life frequently but it is not a problem. Life is actually pure insecurity, since we do not know what is going to happen. The solution is to learn to live with the security and confidence that everything that happens, even what makes us feel insecure, will be able to be overcome and you will be able to learn from it if you live your process, know yourself and overcome yourself. That is something that will stay with you your whole life, as you will learn mostly about yourself.

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