This Is The Training For Companies In In Mental Balance

An overview of how companies can be helped through workshops and training courses.

Training for companies in In Mental Balance

From En Equilibrio Mental we offer companies the possibility of improving the well-being of their workers. And it is that it has been shown that people perform more if they have high levels of well-being.

That is why we care about offering quality services to those companies that understand that the happiness of their employees is a matter of prime importance.

From our center we always bet on evidence-based psychology, that is, all the procedures we use have been demonstrated in studies with dozens of people.

How do we carry out training for companies?

The first thing we do is have a conversation with the company’s training manager to determine what type of workshop or training may be the most appropriate depending on the needs of the entity and its workers.

Once we have decided the type of intervention that we can do, we plan the dates that suit both parties to be able to carry out the workshop.

Depending on the type of training, before starting, we evaluate the participants using questionnaires that have proven to be valid and reliable in order to be able, after the intervention, to re-evaluate and see the results we have achieved.

Of course, the evaluation is anonymous and we simply do it as a means of checking whether our training has really had the expected effect on the company’s employees.

What types of training do we do from En Equilibrio Mental?

We have two types of workshops or training, depending on the needs of the entity that hires our services.


These are small seminars where general theoretical and practical information is given on a specific aspect that the entity wants to improve.

It is a short format of about two hours in which there is no prior evaluation or subsequent evaluation, since the content offered is general and informative, although practical exercises are also carried out during the workshop.


It is a format that lasts longer over time. It lasts for about 12 hours and takes place over several days.

In this case, a prior and subsequent evaluation is carried out in order to control that the intervention has been effective.

What topics are addressed in the Mental Balance workshops in companies?

The general theme on which our workshops revolve is the effective regulation of emotions. However, in each of our workshops or training, emphasis is placed on different aspects.

In addition, it is possible that we create a workshop tailored to what you need. To do this, you simply have to communicate to us those variables in which you would like the company’s workers to improve and we propose the workshop to suit you.

The trainings that we have available right now are the following.

1. Managing emotions

The capacity for emotional regulation of a person predicts the success that he will have not only in his job, but also in different aspects of his life.

And it is that knowing how to manage our feelings and emotional states is an advantage in all areas.

2. Effective stress management

Stress is an emotional process that helps us adapt effectively to the demands of the environment.

What happens is that, sometimes, we are not able to know the potentiality of this emotion and we find ourselves in a vicious circle in which it is increasingly difficult to get out.

3. Assertive communication and teamwork skills

Communication is one of the key pieces in any company. From the point of view of psychology, assertive communication is the ability to communicate requests, emotions, criticism, knowing how to say no, accept and say compliments and a long etcetera, minimizing the chances that the other party will get upset.

4. Overcome worries

The concern is a pandemic in the West. We spend the day thinking about the past and the future. And we also do it in a very imprecise way, since most fears never come to pass. In this workshop you will discover how to stop worrying.

5. Mindfulness training

In recent years we are witnessing an exponential development of mindfulness. It is a technique based on eastern meditation, but scientific psychology is showing that it is tremendously useful in many fields of health.

For example, in the ability to regulate emotions, in pain processes, in the prevention of relapses in depression and a long etcetera.

6. Positive psychology

Positive psychology deals with the well-being of the person. Therefore, in this course we will learn the techniques that have been shown to be effective in improving our well-being. We will learn to be happier.

7. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage feelings and emotions, discriminate between them, and use this knowledge to direct one’s thoughts and actions. Classical intelligence is said to predict the job position we are going to fill. Emotional intelligence predicts our success in that position.

8. Time management

For all of us, the day has 24 hours. But there are people who seem to make this time much longer. The key is that they know how to manage their activities effectively. We teach you how to get it.

9. Prevention of burnout

Learn self-care behaviors and encourage motivation at work with this workshop focused on preventing burnout to prevent your workers from getting burned.

10. Public speaking skills

In recent years, the ability to speak in public is increasingly valued. And it is that people who are able to communicate more effectively have a greater chance of influencing others. In the public speaking workshop we will develop these skills.

The personalized workshop you need

At En Equilibrio Mental we try to adapt to the conditions of each company, so always before conducting a workshop we contact the company to see the needs that they have detected from there. From there, we propose a workshop or a course that adapts to the real needs of the company.

How to hire a workshop or a course for a company?

It is very easy, you just have to contact us so we can give you all the information.

In Mental Balance

Normally, in the first call we schedule a small meeting either in person, online or by phone so that you can transfer your needs to us. So we can design the intervention you deserve.

Once designed, we give you a budget, and if you agree, we schedule the workshop or course either in your company or in a space adapted to the number of people who will attend the workshop.

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