What Does The Semicolon That So Many People Have Tattooed Mean?

Project SemiColon aims to make us aware of the importance of fighting depression.

Thanks to Facebook I see daily web pages with images, messages and links that I like to browse. Some of these contents are funny photographs, videos of people doing incredible things or articles by people who want to convey their concerns. This week I read something about the meaning of the semicolon in tattoos. I didn’t know anything about this “fashion” and I started reading.

I found Project SemiColon , a portal of a girl named Amy  whose father committed suicide when she was young, and now she dedicates her time to shedding light on the feelings and thoughts related to this experience, an experience in which many people suffer tragic consequences and carry them with them throughout their lives.

A project to express feelings

A semicolon is used to separate two independent statements that have a very close semantic relationship. It is a pause longer than a simple comma, and shorter than a period.

What does this symbol have to do with suicide? 

Amy Bleuel’s father suffered so much that he decided to end it all by taking the pain with him. Amy, even feeling the pain and grief of her death, decided to pay tribute to him with this project, focusing all her attention and strength on transmitting her message of appreciation to those people, who once decided to end her life and did not finally do so. To these people it sends a hopeful voice to continue living, to overcome the struggle of  depression and to make it visible, since the taboo on suicide still exists today.

A new beginning

The more a fact is hidden, the more difficult it is to detect and avoid it in time, the more its signals are blurred and for professionals and family members it is very difficult to help that person who feels nothing but suffering, sadness and despair.

That is why Amy and her companions send the message to these survivors ” to believe that this is not the end but a new beginning ” that we could translate as  the importance of believing that this is not the end but a new beginning.

Suicide, a hidden reality

In Spain, according to data from the INE ( National Institute of Statistics ) , around 3,500 people commit suicide each year. How is it possible that nobody talks about it, not in the media, not on the streets? 

We are afraid to ask, explain, give light to this state of pain that for many is inconceivable. But that exists. Even today even  mental disorders are treated as something dark, secret and shameful. The problems associated with suicide are also hidden and hidden by stigma, although these issues must always be exposed with responsibility, respect and clarity, but not hidden.

A positive message towards the recognition and fight against depression and suicide

This girl and her team are looking for the same thing: from love and humility they want to shed a little light on what all those who left behind, and want to offer a space for expression, knowledge and support to all those who are still struggling to get out. of that depression.

On this website you will not find psychologists or doctors, it is a place of declaration of intentions, it seeks to transmit its philosophy through the creation of positive experiences, events and collaborations in relation to this painful fact with an optimistic and real vision.

They have a blog where they express their experiences with groups of volunteers in different neighborhoods, where they offer talks and visibility to the symptoms of depression, the  feeling of loss, pain, at a thousand and one form that anxiety takes  ( autolysis ) … knowledge and hope. They are critical of what they see and generous in explaining what they feel, they bring their tools to anyone who may be feeling bad. They offer great emotional support.

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